WOW! Can you believe its the end of the first quarter already!

How’s it gone?

Have you achieved all that you wanted to?

Have you hit your targets?

I always STOP at the end of every quarter and take stock of where I am. It’s absolutely key to my business success. 

I review everything I have done and make a note of everything that worked.

I look at what didn’t work and try and work out where I went wrong.

I look at my targets and see if I have hit them or work out how much I have fallen behind.

I then take all of that data and use it to create an achievable plan for the next quarter.

There is always time to tweak things and get everything back on track.

I highly recommend that you put some time aside (a huge cup of coffee and a massive slice of cake helps) and have an honest look at how you are doing.

Then email me back and let me know how it went.

If things aren’t quite on track DON’T PANIC!

This is the end of quarter 1 and there is plenty of time to turn things around and have a rock star year.

Every quarter I work with 6 brands giving them the guidance and support to do just that.

I only work with 6 because I want to make sure that I am totally focused and dedicated to anyone I work with. I wanna make sure that I am there available whenever anyone needs me whatever the time of the day or week.

Will you be one of the brands I work with next? (I hope so!)

This quarter I worked with some amazing people who are all making huge progress.

There’s the lovely Clean Beauty girls and Henrietta from Elsa’s Organic Skinfood who wanted to make sure they were prepared for the demanding world of retail.

Olga from The Rose Tree who was looking to get some structure and impact  behind her marketing and social media.

And just last week Jayne from Nom Nom who needed some time out of her business to make strategic decisions and formulate a plan to take the brand to the next level.

Will your name be added to the Indie Beauty Delivers Hall of Fame?

I’ve talked about this a lot in the last month – taking time out of the day to day shizzle of your business to actually work on your business.

May be my new catchphrase should be


This simple step gets results.

This simple action drives progress.

This simple activity fires imagination and motivation.

You just need to give yourself permission to step away, take the time out and reward yourself and your business.

Let’s get down to the details. What do you get if you work with me.

  • Preparation documents and session so we can really nail down exactly what we want to achieve together.
  • One whole day workshop designed specifically around you (that’s a lot of hours and you will definitely need cake and coffee) with me face to face (unless you live somewhere very distant in which case we Skype!)
  • A shed load of resources that can use in your business. Depending what we are working on that includes videos, infographics, cheat sheets, spreadsheets and databases.
  • A plan of how to move forward which is exciting, motivating and achievable.
  • Ongoing support from me for 6 months and as I say to everyone I always forget when 6 months is up!

And all I ask from you is lunch and £475.00 +VAT!

We could work on……..

making sure the behind the scenes processes your business needs to thrive are planned and set up with my Introduction To Beauty Logistics Workshop.

making sure that your brand is totally set up and ready to take the leap into the competitive and demanding retail environment with my Get Retail Ready Workshop.

setting up your e-commerce business so that it stands out and gets you noticed with my WOW factor Ecommerce Workshop

or we could design a social media strategy, or design your website, or work out a business plan at one of my extra sparkly VIP Days.


YAY! All you need to do is email me now, let me know you’re interested and we can arrange a call where we pin down all the details. ([email protected], 07941388769)

I am so looking forward to working together!

Rachel ‘can’t wait to meet my new brands‘ Whittaker

P.S. Here’s what a few of the amazing people I have worked with so far have had to say about the experienece.

“Rachel has played a hugely important role in helping to ensure our business is logistically sound, particularly as we scale. She has provided constant advice and is always there to jump on a call for any questions we have. Rachel has also introduced us to some incredibly influential companies and industry experts, including our manufacturer and warehouse, who are now key to our business. We love having Rachel as part of the CBCo team – she’s the best!” CLEAN BEAUTY CO.
“Rachel’s enthusiasm for logistics and the behind the scenes activities of selling to the High Street stores was infectious.  The resources and the support tools were amazing. I especially liked that you shared personally the challenges and obstacles you had to overcome so we could get an inside glimpse that we aren’t the only vulnerable ones on the early stages of getting into retail.I would highly recommend the “Getting Ready for Retail” workshop because rather than getting pieces of logistics knowledge and trying to implement them to your business, you get the whole puzzle with all the pieces and instructions on how to put the puzzle together…. Making daunting things look doable!” ELSA’S ORGANIC SKINFOOD

“Thanks so much Rachel – you were fantastic. You helped me focus on what I really want and what I need to do to get there. Your enthusiasm for my brand and ideas gave me a boost and my head is buzzing with all your suggestions and strategies to make it happen.” NOM NOM SKINCARE