A day of one to one tailored coaching on a range of subjects


A FREE service to match you with the perfect warehouse for your brand


A range of services if you are looking to launch your brand in the UK


My year long group mentoring programme

Let me tell you a little about my expertise and how I can help you grow your beauty business

I am a beauty logistics expert.

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years. I have quite literally lived, breathed and loved it every day for a huge chunk of my life.

For 12 of those years I managed the UK and international logistics for some pretty impressive brands. Ren Skincare, St Tropez, The Sanctuary and Trilogy are just a few of them.

I’ve managed the packing of quite literally millions of gifts for market leaders like Boots The Chemist, Coty Prestige, The Bodyshop and Beiersdorf.

I have experience working with all the major UK retailers from Harrods to Superdrug, from QVC to ASOS, from Boots to Tesco’s. I understand exactly how they work and what they require from you.

When it comes to beauty logistics I have a wealth of insider knowledge and expertise that I can’t wait to share with you. I lift the curtain on what can be a really challenging area of your business. I take the mystery out of it and provide you with all the tools and know how to create a logistics infrastructure that is ready to take on the legacy brands and robust enough to build and scale a knockout business.

Put simply

I work with you to design winning logistics solutions that WOW your online and retail customers and deliver industry leading service!

I bring big company logistics to indie beauty brands with big dreams!

I am a beauty business mentor and coach specialising in business systems and social media marketing

I am a total social media marketing geek and passionate entrepreneur. I travel all over the world to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments.

Social media is such a powerful tool and means an indie brand can quite literally sell to the whole world. I find that so exciting and love helping brands to harness this power and grow their brand beyond their wildest dreams.

The potential locked up inside your social media strategy really excites me and I know from experience the thrill of engaging with your customers, watching your sales soar and of making your first sale on the other side of the world.

I also understand how daunting and challenging social media can be. As solo entrepreneurs or small teams it is so difficult to manage your time, learn new skills and keep up to date with the changing trends. My mentoring is designed to provide tried and tested systems, strategies and techniques that make social media fun, manageable and that drives growth and sales.

Everything I teach is tailored and focused specifically for indie beauty brands and that’s pretty unique.

I help you to design strategies that encapsulate your passion and individuality, that talk directly to your target customer and that make you stand out and be different from the rest of the crowd.

I share systems to help you to get control within your business, plan effectively, manage time and scale.

Put simply

I help you to create a social media strategy that highlights your individuality and engages with your perfect customer without it taking over your entire headspace!

I help you create a set of business systems that allows you to manage a profitable business around the more important things in your life!

If you would like to work together there are four ways to choose from


A day of one to one tailored coaching on a range of subjects


A FREE service to match you with the perfect warehouse for your brand


A range of services if you are looking to launch your brand in the UK


My year long group mentoring programme

In case you need any more persuading, this is what my customers have to say about my services.

“I had an insightful meeting with Rachel. She highlighted logistic issues I was completely unaware of as a newbie to the beauty industry. This set me in good stead for a new high street retailer who we’re about to launch with in August. I felt like I knew exactly the right questions to ask as a result and could approach the new partnership with complete clarity. Thank you Rachel, can’t recommend your work highly enough.”

Michele Scot-Lynch, Founder of Boucleme

“In creating a new small business, there are many aspects that are of the unknown. Warehousing was one of them. Rachel Whittaker made this educational process seamless by first educating myself and the team about what warehousing entails, the information we would need to gather and helped organise visits with warehouses she felt best suited our needs. She has been invaluable in providing information and guiding us along the way on who would be the best match. In short, she simplified a complete unknown to us. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Dr Maryam Zamani Founder of MZ Skin who booked a Get Retail Ready VIP Day and went on to use my Warehouse Match Service

“I have been very impressed by Rachel Whittaker’s ability to deliver the appropriate logistic solution for Daughter of the Soil skincare via her free warehouse match service. She has been able to consider our growth aspirations and find the most suitable warehouse to  support us in fulfilling our customers’ needs and business goals.

Rachel is an extremely helpful and engaging individual, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in logistics which is very reassuring for a startup business like ours. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking the best warehouse solution for their business.”

Maria Magembe, Founder of Daughter Of The Soil

“We would highly recommend Rachel, at Indie Beauty Delivers, to any brands and businesses who are looking to launch for the first time, or review and improve their current logistics processes. The area of logistics can often be dismissed as one of the last things that needs to be considered – but getting it right from the start is really crucial to success – and ultimately, profitability! We have worked with Rachel to solve problems with our logistics processes and to source new providers and suppliers that are better suited to our business and brands and have found her breadth of experience and knowledge to be a real asset.”

Clare Rees, Bell & Whistle Ltd

“Atlantis Skincare had a workshop with Rachel-it was nearly 8 hours of training on how to work with retail shops. It was amazing experience-every minute was full of value. Rachel was full of ideas and support. We got a clear picture of how to work with retailers and what to expect when we arrive to negotiations etc. I was so impressed. I am learning on regular bases and this was one of those trainings where every penny was worth the investment! And every minute of your time is very well spent. Highly recommended for any start up beauty business and -everyone who wants to work with retail shops. Thank you so much Rachel. There is a lot of hard work ahead but we know what to do! And it is great to know you are here for us next 6 months after training!!”

Zane Piese, Founder of Atlantis Skincare who booked my Get Retail Ready VIP Day

“Just to say a massive THANK YOU!! Yesterday was invaluable and I now have the ideas flowing with a huge kick up the backside to get the show on the road.”

Claire Barker, Founder of Hive Originals who booked my Social Media 101 VIP Day

“Rachel is so knowledgable and generous with her time and content. We met for a packed and inspiring VIP day in London recently, that Rachel had tailor made to my exact requirements. She thought of everything, even things I hadn’t even seen yet! Which, to be honest, is no surprise – Although she give away loads of amazing and brilliant content for FREE (!) all around starting and growing an Indie beauty brand (her mega passion) via her opt-ins and Facebook Lives, her super-genius zone is around the warehousing and logistics for online and bricks and mortar retail – which isn’t surprising really considering her 15 year’s experience running a warehouse for a well know national brand. She’s absolutely your go to girl, and I don’t know why you’d go anywhere else! Go check her out and sign up immediately.”

Kathie Bishop, Founder of Into The Wylde

I understand that sometimes it’s great to talk ideas through. If you would like A FREE one to one 30 minute consultation then click the link. I will be in contact soon. Look forward to meeting you.


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