The delivery experience you offer your e-commerce customers is the single most important part of your customer journey; that’s why creating a WOW factor delivery experience should be every beauty brands top priority.

Let me explain why.

Have you ever heard of The Peak End Rule?

I hadn’t until a few weeks ago, but when I heard it I totally loved it as it backs up something I have been teaching brands for years!

I feel a bit highbrow throwing in a bit of psychology but I promise it’s easy to understand and seriously exciting.

The Peak End Rule is a theory that explains “people judge an experience largely based on how they felt at its peak (i.e., its most intense point) and at its end, rather than based on the total sum or average of every moment of the experience. The effect occurs regardless of whether the experience is pleasant or unpleasant.” (Wikipedia Definition)

In short, as brands, you have the capability and opportunity to hack your customer’s memories of their experience with you. By carefully crafting the peak and end moments of their journey, you have the power to send them away with a strong, positive, exceptional memory that has the power to convert them into returning customers and brand advocates. MIND BLOWING!!!

If you want to hear me talking about The Peak End Rule watch this week’s episode of Indie Beauty TV.

Indie Beauty TV – Episode 10 – How your delivery experience can make or break your business

**Indie Beauty TV – Episode 10 – How your delivery experience can make or break your business**

Posted by Rachel Whittaker at Indie Beauty Delivers on Thursday, 14 March 2019

So, I love, love, love The Peak End Rule because it proves 100% that DELIVERY REALLY DOES MATTER!

Delivery is your END. It’s a crucial moment for both you and your customer. With that in mind, and answer this honestly, how much time and effort have you invested in crafting an awesome, wow factor delivery experience?

Not a lot!

This is where the next little bit of magic comes in. Most brands, even established brands give little thought to their delivery. We think a lot about the unboxing experience and the look of our parcels when they arrive, but we don’t think at all about the actual delivery. In logistics jargon we refer to this as THE LAST MILE.

What I’m saying is that if you invest some time and energy in your last mile you have a win win situation. You create wow factor delivery experiences that convert customers into repeat buyers and brand advocates and you gain a competitive edge over your fellow brands out there, even the big guys!

Let me give you some stats from a recent global survey of e-commerce consumers carried out by Metapack that prove why creating a WOW factor delivery experience should be every beauty brands top priority.

61% say a positive delivery experience incentivises them to shop with an e-tailer again

58% choose one online provider over another because they provide better delivery options

54% say clear accurate tracking is an important consideration for the majority of their purchases

77% are conscious or care deeply about the environment when thinking about how they receive their deliveries

We are talking big number here. Over half of your customers expect a great delivery experience. I’ve said it once and I’m sure I will day it again DELIVERY REALLY DOES MATTER.

I’ve got another question for you. Can you afford not to invest some time and energy in creating a wow factor delivery experience?

It’s time for you to take action. I understand that the world of delivery is a bit of a minefield and so I’m here to help.

I’m holding an online workshop, part of my online masterclass series, on Tuesday March 26th from 2pm to 4pm UK time. I’m calling it, Creating WOW Factor Delivery Experiences and this is your invitation to attend.

I’m a logistics geek! I have spent 16 years working in beauty logistics and have recently got back from the UK’s biggest and best e-commerce delivery conference. I am bursting with all the latest delivery trends you need to be aware of, industry leading services and technology that’s available to you and the wonderful suppliers who can support and guide you. I’m rolling all this knowledge up and delivering it to you in this latest workshop.

It’s going to be a pretty packed 2 hours I will be teaching you

  1. Delivery trends – a deep dive into the current trends shaping the e-commerce delivery experience
  2. Customer expectations – a detailed look, using data from a recent global survey, at exactly what customers expect and want in their delivery experience
  3. The HOW – an outline of exactly how you can provide your customers with the exceptional, WOW factor delivery experience they want at a price you can afford

The best part – because this is a group workshop you can reserve your place for the amazing price of just £35. £35 to totally transform your delivery experience, hijack the memories of your customers, turn them into repeat buyers and brand advocates and get a serious edge on your competitors. THAT’S VALUE!

Included in the price is your seat at the live training, access to a recording of the training and a course booklet packed with loads of info for take away.

Every attendee gets access to the recording and so even if you can’t make the live workshop you can still reserve a copy of the recording and you can email me any questions you may have after watching it.

There are 20 places available and after announcing it in Indie Beauty TV yesterday I have already sold 5. So, if you want to get involved I would recommend you grab your place today. All you need to do is CLICK HERE to go through to my sales page.

I do hope I have shown you why creating a WOW factor delivery experience should be your top priority and I hope I’ve convinced you to take action.

Look forward to getting into the detail with you on March 26th!

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Loads of indie hugs and love, Rachel xxxx

P.S. If you’d like to read a little more about The Peak End Rule CLICK HERE for a great blog I found that sums it up quick nicely

The delivery experience you offer your e-commerce customers is the single most important part of your customer journey; that’s why creating a WOW factor delivery experience should be every beauty brands top priority. In a recent survey over 50% of e-commerce consumers said they made decisions about which brand to buy from based on the choice and quality of delivery choices available. That's over 50% of your customers checking your delivery options out. Will they pass the test? Click through to find out how you can create some serious delivery wow factor. If you enjoy the blog don't forget to pin it! #ecommercetrends #ecommercedelivery #beautylogistics #indiebeautydelivers #beautybrandmentor #beautybrandcoach