I’m going to mention the elephant in the room right away. Many indie founders don’t like Black Friday because of its commercial and discount associations and I totally get that. Black Friday can jar with your brand and customers values. If this is how you feel please don’t give up on this blog yet. I want to show you a different side to Black Friday today, a side that puts your customers centre stage and makes them feel totally valued and special. A side to the event that will drive sales, increase customer loyalty and create brand advocates. I am going to show you why Black Friday should definitely be part of your annual sales strategy.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday always falls on the first Friday after the US celebration of Thanksgiving. It is seen as the official launch of the Christmas present buying frenzy. Many stores and online sellers offer deals and discounts from the Friday through to the Monday (Cyber Monday) and increasingly for the following week as well.

Last year in the UK online spending on Black Friday was an eye boggling £1.49bn. A 7% increase on 2017.

Love it or hate it Black Friday is popular with consumers and retailers alike and so certainly for the foreseeable it’s here to stay.

Why Black Friday should definitely be part of your annual sales strategy

Consumers look forward to Black Friday, they often save money specifically for the event and create purchase wish lists. They are in an excited, buying mind-set. They want to spend money and they want to buy Christmas gifts. That is why you should definitely have a Black Friday offer. How often do you have a worldwide audience itching to spend money! There is a whole world of people out there looking for gifts and treats. By making yours available you can claim your stack of the billions and boost your sales just before the end of the year.

Why a Black Friday deal won’t devalue your brand

Anyone who mentors with me knows that I hate discounts. You work so hard on your business and your products are quality, you deserve to charge full price. That said, one great discount per year is a clever sales strategy. Because it’s just one discount your customers will know you’re not devaluing your product and the added bonus is they will see it as a generous offer to them at a time of year when money can be tight.

A Black Friday offer will help you attract new customers

An amazing BF deal could be the thing that gives all those followers out there who are teetering on the verge of buying from you the push they need to make take the jump and hand over the cash. So not only can BF boost sales but also reward you with new customers who will become your loyal repeat buyers and advocates of the future.

A Black Friday deal improves customer loyalty and retention

Giving your customers a special treat on Black Friday makes them feel valued and rewarded. That’s a powerful feeling as it impacts on customer loyalty and retention. We all know it’s so much easier to get a customer to buy again then it is to find and convert a new customer. A Black Friday treat encourages your customers to keep coming back for more.

I hope you can see that there is so much more to Black Friday than the commercial hype. There are genuine opportunities to boost sales, attract new customers and give your loyal customers a massive warm hug and thank you. It’s really all about how you talk about the offer. By reframing the experience you can remove the ickiness and the values clash and create something rather wonderful.

How to get your Black Friday deal out there

If you’ve decided to go for it then here is my quick check list of how to make sure the world knows all about your deal.

  1. Decide what you want to put in your deal and what the discount/ offer is going to be. Remember people are looking for Christmas presents. You also don’t have to offer a discount, you can add value like free gift wrapping or free delivery. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking
  • free shipping for a limited time
  • free gift wrapping
  • % discount
  • Bulk buying discounts
  • Freebies when spend reaches a certain amount


  1. Update your website with the deal. Make it nice and obvious by adding it to your home page that way anyone stumbling across you will see it without having to click through to your shop page.


  1. Write a series of emails for your current and past customers (you can get this list from your web shop) letting them know about your amazing deal and thanking them for their loyalty and custom. Make them feel special. Include a link to your offer to make it as easy as possible and as friction free as possible to make their purchase. Schedule the emails to send at intervals throughout the duration of your offer.


  1. Create a series of posts for social media and schedule them to post throughout the duration of the offer. Make sure you use Black Friday hashtags, like #blackfridaydeals to make sure you are featured in searches. You never know you could get a whole new load of followers as well!


  1. Talk about your offer in your live content like Instagram and Messenger stories. Again, make sure you use # to get discovered in searches


I really hope you can see the amazing opportunities Black Friday offers and that you understand know why Black Friday should definitely be part of your annual sales strategy.

Please let me know in the comments or by DM on one of my social channels if you are planning an offer and how it goes and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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One simple action that will fast track your sales

Loads of indie hugs and love, Rachel xxx

In this blog I am challenging you to think about Black Friday in a whole new way and highlighting why I think Black Friday should be a permanent feature of your annual sales strategy. I'm showing why you should forget the negative associations of Black Friday and start thinking of it as a way to drive sales and say a massive thank you to your loyal customers. I also give you a 5 point checklist packed with tips to help you get your deal out into the world.