One of the things that I absolutely love about being and working with entrepreneurs are the stories.

The big WHYs.

The fascinating WHOs.

We all have our own story.

It’s what shapes our business and make us unique.

It’s what makes our customers fall in love with us.

In my opinion our stories are our most powerful selling tool.

My fascinating WHO is Jo Martin – this is a picture of us both that I took last week when I popped back to my old company DMW Logistics.

Jo is the reason I do what I do.

15 years ago she took a punt on me and gave me a job as an administrator in her logistics company.

I had just moved back to Nottingham having been a recruitment consultant in London for the previous 5 years.

I knew nothing about logistics.

I had never had an admin job.

But 5 years in recruitment had taught me to sell and I could do a dam good interview!

She introduced me to the geeky world of logistics and taught me about trailers, containers, pallets and all the mind boggling stuff I would come to love.

DMW Logistics was and still is one of the best beauty warehouses in the country.  So as well as teaching me all the geeky logistics shizzle Jo also kindled my passion for indie beauty.

Under her mentorship within a few years I had worked my way up to senior management level.

It’s amazing what happens when you find your niche isn’t it.

In just 2 years I went from an admin peep to managing a 150,000 square foot facility looking after 13,500 pallets of wonderful beauty products for brands such as The Sanctuary, St Tropez and Charles Worthington. On top of that I also managed a 20,000 square foot dedicated gift packing department that worked for Boots, The Body Shop, Coty Prestige and Procter and Gamble to name a few.

I loved it! 

Through Jo I found an industry that fascinated me and a customer base that excited me.

Here’s a few pictures of DMW to give you an idea of what logistics heaven looks like.

DMW Collage

It’s not just the logistics side of things I have Jo to thank for.

Oh no. Like any good mentor she taught me a whole load more.

When Jo started in logistics women simply weren’t a part of that world. She learn’t her trade at Boots here in Nottingham and was one of the first women to reach senior management in a logistics position. She broke some seriously tough glass ceilings!

In the time that I have known her she has also faced and defeated cancer twice!

So, Jo taught me all about logistics but she also taught me how to fight.

She taught me that whatever challenges you have to face you just get up, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving!

Through my own little face to face with cancer she was a constant comforting presence and inspiration.

I love her dearly!

So what’s your story?

Who’s your mentor?

What do you stand for?

What do you stand against?

Do your followers and customers understand you?

In the run up to Christmas when competition is tight for new customers and sales are you using the story tool?

As Jo Malone says

” Be bold, make your presence felt. Never be generic. Forever be unique. Evoke emotion. Connect.”

My challenge for you today is to yell your story in your next blog. Jump on Facebook Live and chat to your followers about where your passion comes from. Create a Pinterest board that illustrates your journey.

However you decide to tell your story JUST DO IT!

And make sure you copy me in. I’d love to find out what gets you out of bed in the morning.

Rachel ‘loves an amazing story’ Whittaker

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