I’ll match you with the best beauty warehouses in the UK and it won’t cost you a penny!


A complete tool kit that will guarantee your brand stands out and gets noticed. Infographics, cheat sheets, templates, roadmaps, videos guides and tons of resources await!

Finding a fab warehouse partner who can really add value to your business is daunting and scary.

Heck, it’s as stressful as moving house!

How do you start?

Where do you look?

Are they as good as they say they are?

Are their prices fair?

What’s with the lingo they’re using?

Do they understand what I’m trying to achieve?

Do they share my dream and vision?


Don’t panic. I understand exactly what you’re going through and I can help.

I offer brands a FREE warehouse match service.

I use my 15 years of warehouse insider knowledge and experience to determine exactly what you want and need.

My expertise means:

  • all the time you give to the search will be targeted and constructive so you can concentrate on keeping your brand moving forward without distraction.
  • you’ll get direct access to the best warehouses in the industry so you can avoid wasting time and raising those stress levels.
  •  you’ll get a great deal negotiated by someone with insider knowledge so you can be confident you’ve found the right skills and expertise at the right price.
  • you can get advice and help throughout the process so you feel relaxed and confident with every decision you make.

Whether you’re looking for your first ever warehouse or you’re looking to move to a new warehouse I can advise and guide you.

I guess I’m like the Match.com of warehouses!

So, what exactly is my warehouse match service?

Who are you? First off I spend some time with you so I can understand who you are and where you’re going, what’s makes you tick and what really turns you off.

Brand Profile. I then pull together a profile of your brand which I use to showcase you to potential warehouse partners. This is where we get some numbers in. What level of storage you need, how many orders you get, average units per order ………. but don’t panic I’ll pull all this together for you so you don’t have to stress!

Match. Using your profile I approach all the warehouses and ask them to submit their tender. I only work with warehouses who are at the top of their game. My years in the industry mean I have exceptionally high standards and any warehouse I recommend has had to jump through some serious hoops to work with me.

Your choice. Once I’m confident I’ve found the best matches you’ll receive a presentation containing all their details. Who are they, where are they based, who they work for, what are their key skills and expertise, their tariff (which I will have checked is bang on industry standard), client testimonials. Basically everything you’ll need to make the choice about who you’d like to investigate in more detail.

Ongoing support. As you take your investigation further and visit your matches I’ll be on the end of the telephone or email to answer questions and give advice. Your access to my expertise during this time is unlimited. Just give me a call whenever you want to check anything.

Contract negotiation. When it comes to the point of negotiating the contract with your warehouse I’ll be on hand to give tips on how to get the best deal and will give everything a once over so you can sign on the dotted line with confidence.

Just to remind you this service is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

If you’re looking for a warehouse then book a FREE consultation call by clicking HERE and lets chat through the details.

Here’s a sneeky peak inside the service and the results it secures from a few of the amazing brands I have helped.

“After deciding to switch our warehouse operation we faced a monumental task in our eyes, one we also felt incredibly out of depth with.  However utilising Rachel’s skill, knowledge and back ground the operation was not only swift, but remarkably non problematic, everything was just business as usual.  Rachel handled the whole transfer including finding a suitable warehouse and logistics provider that matched our business needs, she also handled in it entirety the transfer both in respect of suppliers, customers and previous warehouse provider without hitch or issue.  It really was a simple as that” 

Duncan Bush, Blue Orange Management Ltd

“We hired Rachel to help with our warehouse move and were very glad that we did. Her expertise in logistics proved invaluable in thinking of things that would not have occurred to us and acting as a translator when we didn’t understand all the industry jargon. She is extremely organised and a great communicator, both vital skills when it comes to logistics”

Julie Fawcett, The Library of Fragrance

“She was able to offer quick efficient solutions to all out challenges. She is an expert in her field. On top of that she’s great to work with. Her down to earth no-nonsense approach gets the work done quick.”

Simon Maudsley, Wingman

“I have been very impressed by Rachel Whittaker’s ability to deliver the appropriate logistic solution for Daughter of the Soil skincare via her free warehouse match service. She has been able to consider our growth aspirations and find the most suitable warehouse to  support us in fulfilling our customers needs and business goals.

Rachel is an extremely helpful and engaging individual, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in logistics which is very reassuring for a start up business like ours. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking the best warehouse solution for their business.” 

Maria Magembe, Daughter Of The Soil

I understand that sometimes it’s great to talk ideas through. If you would like A FREE one to one 30 minute consultation then click the link. I will be in contact soon. Look forward to meeting you.


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