The decision to change your warehouse partner is momentous for any brand, especially if you are well established and working with multiple retailers.

In the current customer focused climate and under the shadow of demanding retailer benchmarking, there are always huge concerns around continuity and customer service and satisfaction.

“Service as normal” is always the first goal of any brand during a warehouse move and the timing of a move can have a major impact on this.

A move at the correct time can be the star ingredient in the complicated change over equation.

Beauty typically has a low season or quiet period between January and August. This does vary from brand to brand and only you will know your exact low sweet spot.

Timing your warehouse switch for this low point is essential.

Your stock holding will be at it lowest meaning the move can be swift and less pallets means less transport costs.

You will have more free time to work with the new warehouse on introduction and set up.

Your retailer order frequency and volume will have dropped making it easier to handle and plan continuity through the move.

You will also be allowing your new warehouse adequate time to get used to your account before the peak season where customer satisfaction requirements really kick in.

The great news is if your new warehouse is a beauty orientated facility (which I believe is essential) then their low spot should match up with yours.

If you are planning to change your warehouse supplier I would recommend that you begin the process at least 6 months before.

Taking the time to research the best match for you and planning the move in detail needs time and should not be rushed or overlooked.

However smooth a warehouse transfer goes it will have an impact on customer satisfaction and your bottom line, so this is not something you want to get wrong or have to repeat.

I work with beauty brands matching them with quality, specialist warehouses. If you are considering a move in the near future then please get in contact. You can email me on [email protected] or visit my website and book a free 30 minute consultation.

I have over 15 years experience in beauty logistics. I know exactly what you need from a warehouse partner and my extensive knowledge of beauty logistics providers means I can take some of the stress and headache out of the process.

My Warehouse Match Service is FREE so you really have nothing to loose.

Don’t forget timing really is everything when changing your warehouse. Work to these two equations and you shouldn’t go to far wrong.