I was babysitting my niece and nephew on Saturday night and sitting on the coffee table was Oliver’s Christmas present list.

He’s the coolest little six year old ever and had obviously spent quite some time painstakingly writing his ideas down.

It made me smile and conjured up memories of hours sitting in front of the Argos catalouge making what felt like life and death decisions about what toys and games I couldn’t live without for the next year.

Come on. Admit it. You definitely did this didn’t you?!

I started thinking about what could go on my Christmas list this year.

Now as much as I would love to dress up as a ninja, a pirate or Luke Skywalker I have decided to leave those off.

I’m also leaving off the Nerf Gun, the Lego DeathStar and the Xbox.

However I will be visiting Oli on Christmas day cause his present choice sounds super duper fun.

So what do I want on my Christmas present list

1. The level of internet service that I pay for (Gggrrrrrhhhhh!)

2. A miracle product that prevents my dogs shedding half their body weight in hair across my house every day

3. A boyfriend who can remove his shoes and put them away when he enters the house

4. A car that cleans itself

5. A brand of wine that contains no calories

I’m not asking much!!!

Seriously, if you are looking for some pressie inspiration can I recommend

My Story, Jo Malone

I am reading it at the moment and it is packed with the kind of grit, determination and inspiration that has you jumping out of bed ready to conquer the world.

The sort of challenges she has faced and overcome are the same as ours.

She really has created a global brand from nothing.

Just hard work more hard work and a bit more hard work.

But you know what I love about that?

It means I can do it too! 

It means you can do it too!

Go on pop it at the top of your list.

Have a wonderful and productive week

Rachel ‘going global’ Whittaker