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Doors Open 21st October 2019

Welcome to Indie Beauty Rockstars!

We do things differently here. We are creative, brave, bold beauty entrepreneurs and we run our businesses our way!

The Rockstar program is my year-long group coaching course designed to provide you with the systems, processes, skills, support, inspiration and motivation to take your passion and transform it into a profitable, successful business that you and your customers love, love, love.

Turning your passion into a business is tough, I know because I have done it. You can often feel out of your depth and up against it. Limited, time, resources, money, skills and knowledge all seem to pile up in front of you blocking your path.

We are constantly bombarded through social media and emails all about how we should be running our business but the techniques and systems suggested leave us uninspired, confused, overwhelmed and certainly no further forward then we were before and perhaps a little more out of pocket.

I passionately believe that everybody can run a successful business. The secret is to run your business your way.  Indie Beauty Rockstars is designed to help you discover and create your way.

It’s creative and fresh. It throws the traditional rule book out of the window and encourages you to design your business around you and your passion.

Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t airy fairy stuff with no substance. I promise Indie Beauty Rockstars will:

Help you design systems and processes that allow you to run a successful, profitable business as a solopreneur or small team.
Create a business infrastructure that enables you to manage and avoid the overwhelm of the many tasks you’re required to do.
Implement a regular review process that tracks progress, measures success and keeps your business moving forward.
Pull back the curtain on social media; show you exactly how it works and how you can use it to grow your business.

Help you to create a loyal tribe who buy your products and can’t stop talking about you.

 Provide a clear view on how to plan and create marketing content to wow your customers as well as manage your social media channels without it completely taking over your life and budget.

Introduce you to an amazing support network of 39 other beautypreneurs who are going through exactly what you are and understand exactly how you are feeling and who are there for you every single day; ready to celebrate your success, help you through the tough times and offer advice on how to move forward.

The key is that the programme guides you to create a business model that works for you, suits you, connects with you, and makes sense to you.

As soon as your systems click you can create a business you love, a business your customers love, a business that’s there for the long term, a business that makes money.      

Karmen Novak, Founder of Flower and Spice

Lucia, Founder of Casa Mencarelli

Nicola, Founder of Fresh Therapies

How is this program different?

Indie Beauty Rockstars is very different to other programs out there:

It’s designed by an industry expert with nearly 20 years’ experience. This is a program by a beauty boffin, for beauty boffins! The program immerses you in our amazing industry, giving you the knowledge and passion to truly be a fierce founder.

It’s a group program. Setting up your business can be lonely and isolating. Rockstars brings together founders to network, share and hold each other accountable. It’s a community where friendships are formed!

I’m with you every step of the way! I set up Rockstars to work hands-on with as many founders as possible. I am in the online hangout every day for you. We also do 2 group Q&A’s each plus quarterly meet ups and a half year mastermind. You get access to me!

About Me

My name is Rachel Whittaker and I have worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years and I am totally, madly and passionately crazy about the success of indie beauty.

I am constantly overwhelmed by the passion of indie beauty entrepreneurs like you. Whenever I meet brand owners like you I am inspired and excited. It gives me a warm glow to know there are so many wonderful people out there who want to make a difference.

I completely understand what it is like to be totally consumed by your passion and want to reach as many people as possible. It’s that desire which drove me to set up my own company.

I also understand how hard and frustrating it is to take that passion and turn it into a profitable business.

The mission of my company, Indie Beauty Delivers, is to empower beauty entrepreneurs to create pioneering, disruptive and iconic brands by providing you with access to the resources and support you need to thrive.

So it made perfect sense to me to offer a group coaching programme, with an amazing price tag to get those resources and that support in front of as many of you as possible.

Now, you’ve probably noticed I’m not your normal business coach. I don’t have all the jargon. I don’t talk about getting you over the finish line. I coach from the heart, I coach with passion and I coach techniques and skills I have learnt, adapted and know work. I keep things fresh, I keep things simple and I keep things creative. I’m an indie entrepreneur who works with other indie entrepreneurs. If you want to do things differently then I want to work with you.

“I’ve loved being a part of this programme. I have found it thought provoking, educational and supportive. Rachel has made me think about some things differently, has informed me on a whole host of business areas as well as allowed a network of like minded people to thrive.

Rachel puts a considerable amount of time and energy into this programme and you will not only benefit from her knowledge and experience you also be able to share your own thoughts and ideas with her and the other Rockstars. If you’re not sure whether to join or not I would recommend you just do it.” 


Carly, Founder of Beeutiful

“Rachel is a very responsible, kind, friendly, cheerful, helpful and professional coach! She tries her best to solve our problems and answer every question from us. She is knowledgeable and experienced. Every time I get lost, she will bring me back to the track. As I am very new to the indie beauty industry without any experience, I learnt a lot from Rachel. I love her passion and she inspired me a lot!

I am so proud to be one of the members of the Indie Beauty Rockstars Program. I strongly recommend this to you and it covers every aspect and contents we need to know in the indie beauty industry. If you are still considering joining it, please say YES to yourself and you won’t regret it!”

Coyran, Founder of Osco Natural and Organic

How does the programme work?

Indie Beauty Rockstars is a year long group coaching course that runs from November to October each year.

The course is made up of 4 modules:

Biz bones – skills, techniques, systems, processes and operations that guarantee a robust foundation on which to build a winning business
Crafting your online brand – practical, creative techniques to focus and fine tune your very own, unique and stand out online image
Standout Social – a deep and creative understanding of how social media can grow your brand and tons of systems that will help you manage your marketing however small your team or however limited your budget
Building your tribe – methods to attract attention, stand out, get noticed and build an engaged and loyal tribe that will ensure e-commerce and retail success.

You also get a masterclass every quarter – that’s 4 in total:

E-commerce Logistics

Retail Logistics

Half Year Biz Health Check

Create a winning ‘opt in’

Everything I teach I have tried and tested in my own business. They are the foundations that underpin everything I do and that enabled me to turn my passion into a profitable business that I totally adore.

How much does it cost?

There are 2 payment options:

One off payment of £715.00

(taken when you join)

12 monthly instalments of £65.00

(first payment taken when you join)


Doors Open 21st October 2019

What exactly do you get?

Weekly Video – Where I teach all the course content in bite sized chunks to ensure you can implement learnings as you go and avoid overwhelm. You can watch these videos whenever it suits you

2 LIVE Q&As per month – This is where we get to hang out in an online meeting room and recap on what we’ve learnt in the videos, deal with questions and work out how we’re going to move our businesses forward

Access to a closed Facebook Group – Where you can hang out with your fellow group members and where I will be popping in and out to help with questions and make sure you are doing the work and getting the results.

Meet Ups – Every quarter we meet up in London for a Mastermind, some great food and a couple of drinks

Regular challenges – I will be popping practical challenges up all over the place to encourage you to put all your learnings into practice and the get the results you deserve
Resources– You get access to a whole stack of documents and systems you can use to fine tune your biz

Online  Quarterly Masterclasses – Oh yes, if you’re a Rockstar you get a quarterly in-depth masterclass on 4 key industry topics

Behind the Scenes Downloads – You get access to my downloads of industry information and trends that I research and discover at top industry events. You literally feel like you were there!

“I just want to say how extremely grateful I am to have been part of your Indie Beauty Rockstars programme.

It can be a very lonely road working on a start-up by yourself. There is so much to do, so much to learn, so much potential for overwhelm. With this group I feel so supported and buoyed up through all the ups, downs and challenges of my first few months in business. It’s like having a wonderful sharing family. I love that we all have different skills and knowledge, and help and encourage one another. I am also pretty impressed by the incredible amount of training on our weekly webinars. I think I have learnt something new that I didn’t know before every single week this year! Your enthusiasm and generosity has been incredible.

Thank you so much “

Rebecca, Founder of Emotiv Aromatherapy

“You are a great mentor and very charismatic. Your energy is infectious and I have enjoyed listening to your insights and pearls of wisdom over the past few months. It’s been refreshing.”

Charlie, Founder of Sophia’s Choice

“Rachel is fabulous and her optimism and enthusiasm for Indie Beauty is contagious. If you want people to bounce ideas off and get support from, then this is the group for you. “

Sophie, Founder of Absolutely Pure

“I definitely recommend this program not only because Rachel is a fountain of knowledge but because being part of a group makes you feel connected and not alone through this crazy journey of building a business. “

Karmen, Founder of Flower and Spice

“When I chose Rachel’s coaching programme I knew it was the right choice. Rachel is very passionate, experienced, and she pays attention to our needs and adjust the topics accordingly. In this course, you will learn a lot of social media management skills and Rachel will teach you how to grow your followers step by step. More than that, we have a small community on Facebook–“The Hub”, we all support to each other. When we encounter problems, we solve them together, when someone faces a difficult time, we cheer her up. This is more than a coaching course you can learn. I promise you will not regret joining this programme.”

Stella, Founder of Awareness Organics

How do I sign up?

The doors open 21st October 2019!! Until then, if you want to chat with me in a little more detail to make sure the programme is for you click the ‘Book a call’ button.


Become an Indie Beauty Rockstar VIP

If you want to take your mentoring to the next level and want to combine the group dynamic with a little one to one then I have 5 VIP places available.

VIPs get all the benefits of the Rockstar group teaching as well as 1 hour of dedicated one to one coaching with me per month.

What could you achieve in that hour?

Perhaps you have an idea to create an incredible website opt in that generates you a constant stream of new customers but just aren’t sure how to make it happen.

May be you have a big launch coming up and you want to have a strategy that blows the market apart.

You could be thinking of getting a blog up and running but are struggling to find your voice and start writing.

The possibilities are endless.

During our hour mentor sessions we will explore the options and strategies available to put your dreams and ideas into action. We will create achievable plans and map out easy to follow processes. I will be on hand to guide, advise and give you a good kick up the butt when need. Oh yes, I will be checking in on you to keep you accountable and on track.

I limit the VIP places to just 5 as I want to make sure you get 110% from me, so if you want to be a VIP sign up fast.

How much does it cost to become a VIP?

There are 2 payment options:

One off payment of £1435.00

(taken when you join)

12 monthly instalments of £125.00

(first payment taken when you join)


Doors Open 21st October 2019


Can I cancel my membership?

No. This is a year-long programme. I want to work with brand owners who are serious and committed to turning their passion into a profitable business and so I need you to commit for the year. Once you’re in you’re in but I guarantee you will get results, have a lot of fun, make a host of new friends and transform your business.

What if I cant make one of the live Q&As?

They are all recorded and posted for catch up in the closed Facebook Group

What happens if I can’t make one of the webinars or Masterminds?

Don’t worry all our online meet ups will be recorded and so if you can’t make it one week you can catch up in your own time.

Do I get one to one time with Rachel?

Yes, if you are a Rockstar VIP. No if you are in the group mentoring program. By bringing a whole group of you together I am able to offer you all this awesome content for an amazing affordable price.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the programme?

The course is designed to be practical and achievable. We learn a skill and then we go away and put it into practice. So I suggest that you need to budget a couple of hours a week, but remember those couple of hours will be actively changing your business and making you more money. You will start to see results from the moment that you start the programme.

What if I cant watch that week’s video?

All the videos are posted in the closed Facebook group and are available to watch when and as many times as you like.

Who is the programme suitable for?

  • beautypreneurs in the early stage of setting up their business who feel frustrated that they just aren’t where they expected to be
  • solo entrepreneurs or small teams who find it challenging to get everything done with their limited manpower
  • people who enjoy learning in a practical, fun way
  • people who have invested in other business courses that have left them confused, overwhelmed and disappointed
  • those who are totally serious about turning their business round and are prepared to work hard for a couple of hours a week to make that difference
  • entrepreneurs from anywhere. The content is not UK specific and will help you wherever you are in the world (Online group sessions will always be held in UK time)

Who is the programme not suitable for?

  • Entrepreneurs who prefer to work one to one with a coach and don’t enjoy or benefit from group learning.

When does the programme start?

November 2018 through to October 2019.

We take August off so that we can all have a holiday and celebrate our success.

How do I sign up?

The doors open 21st October 2019!! Until then, if you want to chat with me in a little more detail to make sure the programme is for you click the ‘Book a call’ button.


There is nothing as exciting, rewarding and enjoyable as turning your passion into your business. Waking up every day knowing that you are doing what you love and making a difference well it’s the glittery stuff dreams are made of.

The Rockstar Programme is designed to help you achieve that dream.

Me, you, 39 other like-minded entrepreneurs, lots of learning, some knock out systems, some great challenges, plenty of questions, a whole stack of support, motivation and inspiration, hard work, dedication and loads of fun and giggles.

The perfect recipe to totally ROCK your brand.

Are you in?

With Love,


Mobile: 07941 388769

Mon- Fri 0900-1800