Well, it’s hear.

This is the most exciting retail week of the whole year.

Black Friday, Black Fiveday and Cyber Monday!

When I used to manage a warehouse I love love loved this week.

I used to plan it for weeks. Which customers had deals on, when their deals started and finished, what extra staff I needed, what extra shifts I needed to work. How many additional lorries I needed to schedule.

This week is a logistic geeks dream!!

The excitement and energy buzzing round the site would be electric. It was amazing to be part of the success the brands I was working with were generating.

One thing it taught me was that the UK consumer LOVES Black Friday.

Come on you know how much you love a bargain. I bet you’re waiting for Friday to buy something you’ve had your eye on for a while.

I knew it. I certainly am!

Black Friday is timed brilliantly. It falls at the exact point we all start to panic about the fact we haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet.

It makes sense then to offer your customers amazing deals that solve their Christmas present dilemmas.

There are millions of people out there searching for great, innovative and different presents they can grab for their relatives at an amazing price.

The potential to generate serious cash selling to your loyal followers while attracting loads of new customers is huge!

And once you have all these peeps on your web-shop the opportunity to upsell could more than double your average customer order value.

Here’s a few mind boggling figures for you.

This year the Black Fiveday period is set to be the biggest for online retail spend ever!

5 billion dollars!!

1.1 billion on Black Friday itself!

3.3 billion over the 3 day weekend!

So the question is,


If you don’t have a Black Friday offer lined up then you are literally leaving money on the table.

Now don’t panic there is still time to design an offer and get it out there.

I did a Facebook Live last Thursday where I chatted about all the key elements you need to include in your offer and some top tips on how to get your offer out into the world and generating some serious excitement and expectation.

The chat is 16 minutes long. So grab a coffee and a biscuit (of course) and take a little time out to watch it.

While you’re on my page hit LIKE. That way you won’t miss out on any future chats. 

Then email me back and tell me all about what you have planned.

To see the video click HERE.

That’s exactly what  Mark from Heir and Grace did and look what amazingness is happening for him

“We launched 50% off using ‘BlackFriday’ at heirandgrace.co.uk until 25th November to get in early like amazon and have seen a 700% sales increase this month already! Good boost for Christmas”

700% increase in sales!!

This is seriously awsome!!

Go one watch the video, set your promo up and watch the dosh roll in.

Good luck!

Do let me know how you get on.

Rachel ‘always loves a bargain’ Whittaker