As the sun bakes down on us and we are full of holiday plans and excitement, Christmas is about as far from our minds as possible. But as I write, in just 148 days or a little over 21 weeks the big day will be here. In fact, I heard on the news just yesterday that Selfridges have opened their Christmas store! This blog is a wakeup call, a push in the right direction, a call to action to get you thinking and scheming about driving your sales between now and the 25th December. In it I am going to give you 6 easy steps to plan for a profitable business during Christmas. I also recorded an episode of Indie Beauty TV on this topic so feel free to have a watch.

Beauty and Christmas is a match made in heaven and the industry is traditionally heavily geared to gifting and driving sales in the second half of the year. You only need to go take a look at the shelves in Boots or the major supermarkets from around September onwards, to see just how important the established brands take the festive season. Gifts of all shapes, sizes and prices stacked 6 deep on the shelves designed and worked on by teams whose sole job all year, every year, is to make Christmas profitable.

The second half of the year is really where the money is for beauty. However awesome or disappointing your year has been so far there are still 148 days and 21 weeks to change that! Take some time over the holiday season to put your biz brain on and start scheming for success. Use my 6 easy steps to plan for a profitable business during Christmas as a guide to get you started.

Let’s go make some money!

Step 1 – Christmas is all about gifts, therefore you gotta have gifts!

Look at your inventory and work out how you can create some beautiful gifts. Can you bundle complimentary products together, can you use trial sizes to create a discovery pack, can you purchase some accessories like a mask bowl or brush to add some extra sparkle. 

Try and create gifts of different sizes and prices so that you can cater to as many of your customer base as possible. You want the £10-15 pressie for the best mate and the high end hamper you’d buy for your Mum.

Take time to take some great photos for your web shop and social. Work on writing some enticing product descriptions. Set up a Christmas Shop or Christmas Edit on your website and make sure you get your Facebook catalogue updated so your social is shoppable.

Step 2 – Be specific about who your gifts are for

When faced with endless choice we are totally unable to make decisions. Help your customers to buy your gifts by being very specific about whom they are for. For example, take the £10-£15 present I mentioned above. That is the perfect price point for Mum’s looking for an original, lovely present for their child’s teacher. So when you write marketing content about that gift or film video content make sure you tell your followers exactly that. If you do craft fairs or markets in the run up to Christmas make a sign highlighting it. My dream would be a business who could offer me the ‘uncle’ present. They are just so difficult to buy for! If someone told me they had the perfect uncle gift I would whip my wallet out in a flash! As consumers we all need a helping hand particularly for the people who are tricky to buy for – how can you help, guide and solve your customers present buying challenges?

Step 3 – Go early

Now Selfridges may have gone a tad bit early in July but there is no point launching Christmas in December. It’s too late and many people have already bought their gifts. I think the sweet spot is somewhere around the end of October/ beginning of November. Around this time we all get that enthusiasm to get Christmas organised. We have huge plans to start getting presents straight away so we don’t end up rushing and compromise buying in a last minute rush. We also have that energy to seek out original presents that will delight and surprise. Tap into this zeitgeist! Be there for your customers as this feeling sweeps over them. Email your past and current customers to let them know you’re Christmas shop is open, get your social media marketing campaign up and running, get your products in local gift guides, get some Facebook and Insta advertising organised. Do all you can to help your customers achieve their perfect Christmas; make their Christmas present buying dreams come true!

Step 4 – Build confidence and trust

Followers become customers when they love and trust you. Starting right now, today, you need to do all you can through your marketing to get as many of them to trust you by the time you unleash your Christmas gifts on them. The fastest and most effective way to gain trust is to show how much your products are loved by your current customers. I’m talking testimonials and reviews. Aim to be putting at least one review a week on your social media platform, set up a review Highlight on your Instagram, ask all your past customers to leave a review for you, approach your super customers and ask them if they would record a video testimonial for you.  Reviews are so powerful start making them work for you!

Step 5 – Plan promotions

Take some time out to look at all the awareness days and events between now and Christmas and decide which ones you want to hang promotions on. Here are a few ideas to kick you off; Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, Thanksgiving. Promotions are an opportunity to boost sales and inject extra cash at key moments, how can you use them in your business?

Step 6 – Plan, plan, plan

Your Christmas success depends on planning. Take time to sit down design your strategy and map out the key activity and dates. Write it all down on a calendar, in a diary or using a planning app like Trello. Writing it down will make it real and help you stay on track. Plan the key tasks you need to complete (design gifts, take photos, update website etc.) Plan the key dates for promos and launches. Plan the social media content you will put out each day. Plan the messages you will send to your email group. It sounds daunting I know, but trust me a couple of days’ worth of planning and you will storm the season and end the year on a high!

Having read the blog and watched the video I now hope you will forgive me for interrupting your holiday with talk of Christmas. Now is the perfect time to use my 6 easy steps to plan for a profitable business during Christmas. Get planning, get organised, get focused and watch the money role in!

Ho ho ho!

What do you think about my 6 easy steps to plan for a profitable business during Christmas? If you have any questions or need any further help, Post them below in the comments and I will get straight back to you.

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