One to One Coaching

“It’s relentless”​

“It never stops”​

“It’s like a monster that keeps demanding more food”​

These are all phrases founders have used to describe to me how they feel about their business. Are they triggering you? Do you feel the same way?​​

I know scaling a business as a solopreneur is hard work, often leaving you floundering, lost for direction and solutions. I’ve worn your shoes.​

I also know it should never feel or be a negative drain on you and your family’s life. From experience I understand this is dangerous territory, depleting your energy and confidence fast.​​

If you feel this way then something is broken and you need to take action to fix it.​

I’m here as living proof that you can and to reassure you it is possible to build a business that is fulfilling and joy filled as well as profitable.​

The fix is inside you already and when unleashed it will elevate your business above the competition, make you stand out, reward you with financial abundance and allow you to make the difference in the world you dream of.​​

The fix is the uniqueness of YOU.​​

With a clear process and framework you can unlock this sleeping potential and rapidly transform the health of both you and your business.​

This is powerful stuff, I know it works as it forms the foundation of my own, successful business. It’s the framework that has allowed me to create the business of my dreams, allowing me to help so many creative founders like you and support rather than deplete my lifestyle. ​

If you are tired of the relentless pressure and frustrated about your lack of sales; if you know something has got to change and are ready to take the action needed to successfully build your dream, let me help you.​

My one to one coaching is right for you if:

Your confidence is being eroded by unsuccessful efforts to differentiate your brand from the competition. You feel tired and exhausted by constantly chopping and changing your strategies and frustrated that no matter what you try, you can’t seem to make yourself stand out. 

You are constantly worried, stressed and concerned about your lack of sales. You feel burnt out and discouraged that the effort you are putting in isn’t reflected in the sales you are making, especially if this is causing you to question your own abilities and choice to launch your business. 

You know in your heart that NOW is the time for you to take action and turn things around. 

You are tired of DIYing your personal development through podcasts, books and online content that leave your head buzzing but clueless how to implement.

You recognise you need hands on, high touch help, guidance and accountability​.

Rachel is such a vibrant and enthusiastic soul! Her VIP programme through Indie Beauty Delivers is exactly what I needed to catapult me to the next level with my skincare brand. She helped me to expand my thoughts on what’s important with my business goals and how to reach clients in a positive, authentic manner.

I absolutely love her posts and blogs as it keeps me informed and on top of the indie beauty game. She is encouraging, supportive and a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend Rachel Whittaker and her amazing platform at Indie Beauty Delivers!

Judy, Sacred Mama Organics

I understand how these challenges build up and become a heavy ball of anxiety in the pit of your stomach. 

I know all too well how this spills over into your non-work life making you irritable, tired and unable to be present for your family – the very people you launched your business for.

Having experienced the very same challenges you are now, I built my 360 Visibility Protocol, a framework that allows you to tap into the uniqueness of yourself.

The Protocol is a simple, effective system that enables you to create a stand out business while making the impact in the world that drives you.  

This is the exact tried and tested protocol I use in my business and that my success is built on. It’s also the same protocol I have taught hundreds of creative founders.

Here’s what I promise you will achieve and can expect from working one to one with me and implementing my 360 Visibility Protocol:

  • A framework to guide you to create simple, effective systems across your customer journey that put your sales cycle on autopilot, giving you the space and bandwidth to scale your business around your life.
  • The clarity to discover and embrace the unique and limitless power of you, so that you can grow your business, making the difference and change in the world you dream of, in an aligned and joy filled way.
  • A reputation as an expert, making you and your business hot property, attracting a consistent flow of opportunities.
  • A deep understanding of the visibility strategies that work for you, allowing you to develop a razor sharp focus on what works, freeing up valuable time to be an impactful CEO.
  • A confident, assured personal brand that guarantees you shine out in a crowded market place.

Here’s what the one to one coaching looks like:​

  • It’s made up of 12 weeks of one to one, high touch coaching delivered in fortnightly private video calls. In these calls we dive deep into the 360 Visibility Protocol personalising it to suit you and your brand.​
  • Everything we work on is practical so the in-between coaching session time is just as important. This is your space to take action and implement, with me providing daily accountability and feedback, together we fine tune and start to drive instant results.​
  • You have access to me for the whole 12 weeks with on demand Voxer support and you get access to a private drop box where we can share documents to refine and fine tune strategies.​
  • You also get unlimited access to all my resources and with 20 years’ experience there is an awful lot of information I can share with you.

The cost of the programme is £2,400​.

If you are ready to take action and scale your business in a joy filled and supportive way then I invite you to book a free call with me.

We can have a chat and make sure this is the right step for you and then get started on the transformation!

Loads of indie hugs and love, Rachel xx

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