Today I want to share a huge, game changing tip with you. As you start the run into the most profitable time of the year for beauty businesses, I want to give you a simple strategy that will help you fast track your sales. There aren’t many short cuts out there but this is definitely one of them.

Converting followers on social media into cash paying customers can seem to take an age, right? 

You create great posts, share testimonials, launch special offers. You graft, hustle and share your expertise but the sales just aren’t there. You feel like you are putting in far more than you are getting back! It’s frustrating and demotivating!

Let’s take a quick look at why that is –

No matter the potential and power of social media the old adage has not changed; PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE.  When you post day after day it doesn’t matter how amazing the content is your audience don’t get to see you, they don’t have an opportunity to get to know you. If you hide behind your computer and your social feeds you’re not giving your followers a chance to fall in love with who you are and what you stand for. People will not buy from you until they know and trust you. The lead time from follower to trust using social media is a long and exhausting one.

There is a short cut though; a simple technique that fast tracks trust and I’m going to share that with you today.

Just to be clear fast track and short cut don’t mean easy. This strategy is simple but it’s scary and challenging. That’s where the real magic is though. By being hard it means that the majority of your competitors won’t do it. If you jump on this you will get a SCA (serious competitive advantage). This is a strategy that lifts you from the ranks of hundreds of mediocre brands to the few businesses that really shine. 

Are you ready for the short cut?


Let your community get to know you. Let them see your face, hear your voice. Talk to them about your mission, your values, your dreams and your passions. Tell your story.

This is seriously powerful stuff. By showing up as you, you become real, not just a set of pictures and words. Your followers relate to you as a real person that they understand, like, love and trust.

Have you ever wondered why the world’s top entrepreneurs can sell multiple different products that are totally unrelated? Richard Branson sells, trains, banking, air travel and now trips on space rockets! He can pivot and sell in all these different markets because he is TRUSTED by his customers. People are buying his expertise. People are buying his reputation. People are buying HIM.

This strategy is called PERSONAL BRANDING and I believe it’s more important to the success of your business than anything else. This is the strategy that will transform your brand success now and for many years to come.

I appreciate that revealing yourself to the world is scary. I get it, it makes you vulnerable. But you are a beautypreneur, you are brave, bold and fierce. You are creating an iconic brand that will change the world, so you need to get comfortable with this strategy fast. 

You don’t have to do it on your own though; Next Monday (21st) I’m hosting two FREE webinars in which I’m going to walk you through how to unleash your personal brand. I’m going to go deeper on exactly what personal branding is and the power it can unlock, I’m going to share a couple of case studies of brands who are rocking it, provide loads of ideas and actions you can take to get the strategy up and running and share tips on how you can develop the technique and totally max it’s potential. Please come and join in! 

This is such an amazing strategy to get up and running right now and I guarantee you will see an increase in Christmas sales if you take the leap.

You have 2 webinar sessions to choose from one in the morning and one in the evening. Click HERE to reserve your seat at the one that suits you best and find out a little bit more detail.

The webinars are celebrating doors opening to my Indie Beauty Rockstars Mentor Program and as an added bonus if you attend one of the webinars you get access to an exclusive, super discounted membership price.

You are not an ordinary, mediocre beauty business. You are ICONIC. You are going to CHANGE THE WORLD. Come and join me in one of the webinars and let me give you a helping hand.

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Loads of indie hugs and love, Rachel xxx

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