A little about me


A complete tool kit that will guarantee your brand stands out and gets noticed. Infographics, cheat sheets, templates, roadmaps, videos guides and tons of resources await!

I have a love of life and know from experience that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Locked away inside all of us is strength and force that can transform and create.  I use mine to create my dream business where I get to work with exciting entrepreneurs like you. I wake up every day with a huge smile on my face and a fire in my belly.

My mission is to empower you to create the most amazing and iconic brands by providing you with all the resources and motivation you need to thrive.

I am super passionate about indie beauty and entrepreneurship. I believe everyone can run their own business. The trick is to design a brand that you love and run it in a way that works for you!

I live in Nottingham with the love of my life John and my two dogs Megan and Monty and my two cats Elvis and Suki.

What inspires me most?

The bravery and commitment of the people that I meet and work with every day. Being an entrepreneur, taking the risk of setting up your own business takes a very special type of person. The stories I hear and personalities I have the pleasure of working with make me feel proud to be part of the indie revolution.

How I manage that thing they call work life balance…

As an entrepreneur who works from home this is one of the biggest challenges I face. I totally love my job and it’s so easy for me to just keep working and working and working. I do Yoga about 4 times a week and I purposely go to sessions that break up my working day. I really enjoy my hour on the mat. It helps me to stay focused, productive and most importantly calm!

What I do to unwind and relax…

I adore gardening. I have a wonderful garden and a small allotment. I am never more at peace and relaxed then when I am in the garden. Gardening is full of life and hope and I try to get a day in the garden every week. It keeps me sane!!

I love trail running. Hills, rocks, mud, amazing views, wind, rain, blazing sun, woods, moors, fields. It is so relaxing to just pop your trainers on and head out for a few hours. It doesn’t matter how far I go just that I am lucky enough to be able to do it and relish it. Running clears my head. I kind of go into a zone where my mind blanks out. It is totally in the moment and whatever I have been thinking or worrying about before I set out on the run disappears. By the time the run is over I have normally subconsciously solved and resolved any problems. I also have some of my most creative and inspiring thoughts when I’m out running.

I’m also a passionate reader. I devour books. I read everything from fiction to gardening and history. I have a little sitting room upstairs with a fragranced candle and a CD player. When I need a bit of space I lock myself away, listen to some music and read, read, read.

If I could pass on one piece of advice it would be…

That you are stronger than you ever think you are. We all have incredible depths of strength. Depths that we don’t understand until they are tested. Whatever challenges are thrown your way you will have the strength to defeat them. Meet them head on with a smile on your face and just do it. You will succeed.

The best beauty tip I have ever received is…

My old boss and totally amazing mentor told me to moisturise my décolletage.  She always used to say that she wished she had started doing it when she was young and not waited until it started to show signs of age.

My top tips for boosting health and beauty…

For me it’s all about plenty of sleep, lots of water and outdoor exercise every day.

What I can’t live without…

Coffee. I am a total coffee addict. I hate to admit it but if I don’t get enough coffee I get a headache!! I should probably sort that out.

Happiness to me is…

Saturday night, roaring log fire, glass of super chilled Pinot, the dogs and cats curled up in front of the fire; me and John snuggled on the sofa watching a great film.

I understand that sometimes it’s great to talk ideas through. If you would like A FREE one to one 30 minute consultation then click the link. I will be in contact soon. Look forward to meeting you.


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