Welcome to my black book of beauty industry contacts.

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for 17 years and over that time I have worked with and highly recommend all of the amazing people and companies listed below.

When you contact them, do let them know you discovered them through me.

Loads of indie hugs and love, Rachel xxxx



Wizz is a brand and retail expert. After heading up beauty buying at Selfridges she started a strategy business to help innovative brands to stand out and get noticed by buyers and customers

It is the cross-pollination of ideas between independent and established brands that fuels her knowledge of business growth. Clients include online retailers, beauty tech companies, global and indie brands. She has the unique opportunity of being able to help brands at all stages of their development

Wizz is a regular industry speaker having spoken internationally at The Future Laboratory, Cosmetics Business Live, Natural and Organic Show, Stamegna Retail and Enterprise Nation. Topics include: Indie versus legacy brands: who will survive, Building beauty brands, Retail and beauty trends.



Enterprise Nation

Enterprise Nation is a vibrant community of small businesses and business advisers that exist to shortcut your route to trusted business support.

Whether you’re starting or growing a business, we have the resources, expertise, and connections to help you get it right.

Access support at a selection of events held up and down the UK, or online via a dynamic platform that gets you to answers and advisers fast.

Watch out for their Wellness and Beauty Exchange – live events designed specifically for our industry.



Rosalyn has 20 years’ experience as a trademark attorney and a particular interest in the Cosmetic sector.  She supports cosmetic businesses in;

  • creation and protection of brand names,
  • creation and protection of product packaging
  • protect innovations around the products themselves, such as formulations and new ideas.

She has a wide range of clients from start-ups and entrepreneurs through to multi-national organisations so is used to working to different budgets.

She can also assist when thing go wrong – adopting a brand that wasn’t free for use,  using unauthorised copyright material on a social media post etc.

She’s always happy to give some initial advice for free so well worth getting in touch with.

Rosalyn was interviewed on Indie Beauty TV



Jen Stanbrook

Jen Stanbrook helps female creative entrepreneurs triple their website traffic with Pinterest Marketing and creates confidence, focus and a new found financial security for her clients’ businesses.  As an award winning blogger, she uses Pinterest to grow her audience and traffic, bringing extraordinary opportunities and work collaborations and giving her the freedom to live her life according to her rules. Through her Power Hour 121 sessions, online courses and Pinning Club Membership she helps hundreds of online businesses master Pinterest and achieve a thriving, stable income.

Jen was interviewed on Indie Beauty TV




Corinne Thomas, Managing Director

Our mission is to transform natural, organic and green businesses with strategic sales support. We take the sting out of sales so you can change the world, one customer at a time. We can help you to grow your customer base with bespoke and targeted sales campaigns (B2B and D2C); set growth goals and practical sales roadmaps that work; get support and advice at a Sales Director level when you need it the most.

Our team has decades of experience in direct sales, retailer strategy, online advertising, social media and strategic sales. We are proud to work exclusively with purpose-driven businesses who balance profit with people and planet

[email protected]




Bird & Bird  provide legal advice to beauty brands of all sizes – from early-stage ventures, to SMEs, to established multinationals – and can help you at all stages of your business lifecycle.

In the early stages of your business, we can help you to incorporate your company, ensure you are structured in a tax-efficient way, and develop your brand strategy and protect your key intellectual property.

As you grow, we can advise you on taking on investment, and help you negotiate your contracts with manufacturers, logistics providers, distributors and retailers.  In some cases, we may be able to introduce you to investment/finance partners and providers.

We can also help you navigate the various areas of regulation that will affect your business, helping you to comply with the rules regulating product formulations, labelling, health and nutrition claims, data protection, and advertising and marketing.




Simon is a former radio and television presenter / producer and now runs the award winning visual marketing agency Perception Studios.  Specialising in creating bespoke social media content that helps a brand and business stand out from the crowd he’s worked with brands an agencies to create content for the likes of Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Bednest, Walkers, Lionel Hitchin and many others with excellent results for all brands.

Simon is also a huge advocate of social media in general for brands and has written a former number one book “how to 9 x your social media”.  He prides himself on helping small brands understand the importance of social media content and what they can do themselves for FREE, or at least for a very small cost, if they need an editor for a video or a podcast, after they’ve created the content themselves.

As a consultant and creative, Simon has worked with beauty industry leaders like Rachel, helping them to make their current content work harder for them, as well as creating bespoke short form content to help with building brand online.



3rd Party Logistics Group


3rd Party Logistics Group (3PLG) is a well-established, specialised third party warehousing/order fulfilment partner.

We exclusively service the Beauty Industry:  skincare, cosmetics, bath / body, tanning, hair care and fragrance. 

100% Woman-Owned Business and Beauty Focused!

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