One of the biggest challenges that I’ve heard from my Indie Beauty Rockstars is having to do all your social media on top of running your business. As a solopreneur myself, I’m aware of all the hats that you need to wear and how difficult that is. I thought it would be helpful to interview someone who manages social media for multiple businesses as a freelance social media manager.  So please meet Nikki McCaig who recently shared with me some tips on how to plan your social media content.


1. Sit down first of all with a list that really pinpoints the key messages you want to deliver.

It’s so important to do this forward planning because you are running a busy business and you need to make sure that you are really well prepared before you even start planning the content.

This could be things like promotions and launches, national holidays or important anniversaries. Nikki has a Google Calendar set up with those key dates blocked out so that when it comes time to write the social media for the week or month, she knows already those important dates and messages.

The key thing to note is that there’s always something you can find to talk about during a specific week you just need to sit down and brainstorm those key messages.


2.  Also allow room for spontaneity and flexibility.

It’s great to plan your key messages but it’s also important to be relevant on social media and tap into important (but still relevant) news stories. You could also Google trending hashtags which is always good for your impression and reach.

Nikki recommends actually creating your social media content anywhere from a week up to a month in advance but not any further into the future to allow for this flexibility.


3.  Use Trello to visually organise your social media content.

Trello is a free project management tool that allows you to create boards that are visually friendly so you can create content and lay it out day by day or by theme or category (whichever suits you best).

You can also set dates and times for when you want the content to go out as well as include the relevant hashtags and images.  To make Trello even more powerful, you can connect your Buffer or other social media scheduling app which will then automatically post the content for you (just to note that you will need to use the paid version of Trello to do this).

Trello is like planning with a smile on your face!


4.  You can also use Trello to organise your social media marketing ideas.

If you are a creative person, like me, you’ll always be coming up with new ideas.  You probably carry around a notebook to jot down these ideas but then it’s a total headache to find them again!

Trello is great to create a board for each of your social media platforms (and even your wider marketing activities such as your website, blogs, etc) and every time you get an idea, you can put it on the appropriate Trello Board so it’s easy to find when you’re ready to implement that idea.

This is helpful if when you’re creating the social media content, you start to panic that you have nothing to post about.  Just go to the Trello boards with your ideas and inspiration and pull from there!


5.  UNUM is a terrific Intagram specific planning app.

UNUM basically schedules your content but it also helps you to create themes and colour schemes to ensure your Instagram account stays on brand. This is a very handy tip for a lot of beauty businesses because in the beauty industry, visuals are massively important.

You can upload the photos and rearrange them in the app to see what the resulting grid pattern will look like.


6.  Batch create your social media content.

Get a cup of coffee, sit down and put a block of time aside to brainstorm, plan and write your social media content. This is way more efficient and productive than creating your content post by post. It also allows for a good flow and consistency between your various posts as you’re in the same frame of mind when creating all that content.

To find out more of Nikki’s tips to organise and plan your social media marketing, watch the full interview here.



What’s the top tip for organising and planning your social media that you’ve taken away from this fabulous interview with Nikki? Please post your answer in the comments.

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