I’ve coached hundreds of creative founders and the single biggest challenge they come to me with is how to increase brand awareness, so that they can grow sales and achieve consistent monthly revenue.

The independent businesses I work with are often one man bands or small teams. They are short on money, short on time, short on resource and short on energy. The challenge of building a business that is unique, stands out above the competition and gets noticed is daunting.

I’m guessing as you’re reading this blog you have been feeling something similar. So know you are not on your own and know you have found in me a coach whose expertise can simplify and demystify this whole visibility thing.

OK, let’s go – here’s my guide to how to increase brand awareness.

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What exactly is brand awareness?

Brand awareness or brand visibility is simply the strategies and systems you build in your business to ensure you keep your brand in-front of your customers as frequently as possible.

Your brand awareness goal is to be visible across your customer’s complete life cycle. From the moment they discover you, through to the moment they convert to paying customers and beyond to ensure they become repeat buyers and raving fans.

So when you are planning how to increase brand awareness you need to be thinking about marketing activities and content that help you;

ATTRACT new followers

BUILD trust

CONVERT to paying customers

RETAIN for repeat sales and brand advocates

Top Tip – it’s really useful to ensure you create content across these 4 visibility touchpoints each week. It makes it so easy to pull a week’s worth of content together!

Here’s a handy graphic for you to screen grab and use as a prompt and reminder when you’re pulling together your marketing plan.

How to increase brand awareness so that they can grow sales and achieve consistent monthly revenue is not as difficult or daunting as you may think

What sort of activity and content raises brand awareness?

This is so exciting, as there are simply loads of ways you can get in front of your customers and ensure you are the first business they think about. I have broken them down below into ONLINE and OFFLINE.

How to increase brand awareness ONLINE

  • Posts
  • Stories
  • Reels
  • IGTV
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Blogs
  • Guest blogging
  • Facebook and Instagram Lives
  • SEO

How to increase brand awareness OFFLINE

  • Email marketing
  • Public appearances
  • Press exposure
  • Workshops
  • Podcast interviews
  • Collaborations
  • Pop Up Shops
  • Markets

I’d encourage a good mix of offline and online strategies so that you are visible to as many of your customers as possible.

The best bit about all these different visibility possibilities is that you can pick the ones you feel confident with. When it comes to increasing brand awareness you will always get the best results when you are working in your zone of genius and oozing seriously magnetising energy.

So, if you thought you couldn’t do visibility you’d be wrong!

What do I say to increase brand awareness?

When the founders I work with get their head around the exciting and limitless potential of brand awareness and visibility the next question they ask is, “what do I talk about?”

You know you’re community don’t want to hear about your products every single day, but beyond that what can you say?

You talk about the things that make your brand unique; your STORY, your MISSION, your VISION.

You talk about the things your brand stands for, your VALUES.

You talk about the things you and your customers have in common.

This kind of content reaches out, grabs the attention of all those ideal customers and acts like a huge magnet drawing them into your community and converting them into customers.

The added bonus is you get to talk about topics that light you up and make your marketing enjoyable.

If you are struggling with ideas to talk about in your content I’d recommend you download my FREE Visibility Masterclass. In less than 15 minutes I teach you exactly how important being visible is for your business growth and give you an easy fast start technique to identify what topics will resonate with and magnetise your ideal customer.


 As a coach I am all about the implementation and the results. It’s no good you reading this but then not implementing it in your business. So, what questions do you have? How can I help you take action following this read? There’s plenty of space for us to chat in the comments below or feel free to email me [email protected]

So now you know how to increase brand awareness, stay tuned for my next blog where I’ll be diving into more high visibility strategies that enable you to reach a bigger audience and sell more products.

Loads of indie hugs and love, Rachel

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