There is no doubt about it, working with coaches is powerful and accelerates your business growth, finding a coach however can be time consuming, challenging and confusing that’s why I want to share my fool proof, efficient guide on how to find a business coach with you in this blog.

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Working with a coach does not mean you’re not the real entrepreneurial deal.

One of the things I am certain about when it comes to creating, building and scaling your own business is that YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO DO IT ALONE.

I’m sure you read the inspirational autobiographies of your favourite business icons – you’ll be hard pressed to find any who don’t reference powerful, game changing coaches and mentors who have played significant roles in their success.

Yet for some reason when we launch our own businesses we regard reaching out for help and guidance as an admittance of failure and weakness.

When I first launched my business I was fiercely independent and believed that I had to prove my entrepreneurial pedigree by solving every problem and challenge I faced myself.

Admitting I didn’t know how to do something or asking for help was an absolute no, no. It would have proved to everyone that I wasn’t the real deal, I wasn’t up to it and that my business was bound to fail.

Does this resonate with you?

So how did I deal with learning all the new shizzle I needed to grow my business?

I DIYed it on the quiet, behind the scenes.

I read endless books, consumed thousands of Facebook and Instagram posts, waded through I don’t know how many blogs, did every free challenge and joined every free Facebook Group, listened to countless podcasts, went to business events, joined every free webinar and spent soooooo many hours analysing what my competitors were doing.

And the result.


Well, not nothing actually; a lot of wasted time and energy to find myself exactly where I had started, perhaps even more confused and unsure how to move forwards.

Are you still felling me on this one?

Jump forward a good few years and I’ve worked with many coaches who’ve guided me to  scale and grow my business and no one has questioned or challenged my success so believe me when I say from bottom of my heart you have nothing to prove in order to wear your entrepreneur’s badge.

You have already shown your metal by being brave enough to start your business.

If you are ready to scale and grow in an intentional, structured, cost effective and speedy way then working with a coach is the right thing to do.

Hi there, my name is Rachel and I coach creative, female entrepreneurs like you to raise the visibility of your business so that you can reach a bigger audience, sell more product and make the difference in the world you desire.

Finding a mentor can be time consuming, challenging and confusing dive in for my fool proof, efficient guide on how to find a business coach.

This is my guide on how to find a business coach and guarantee a healthy return on your investment.

How do you know when it’s the right time to work with a coach?

For me and for all my clients the signs are unmistakable;

  • A frustrating feeling that you seem to have hit an invisible ceiling which no matter what you do you can’t seem to break through
  • Sporadic and unpredictable revenue
  • Increasing tiredness and exhaustion as you fruitlessly work harder and longer
  • Confusion and paralysis as you try to work out what to do next
  • Plunging self confidence
  • Exhausting effort that fails to convert into sales.

If you feel like this I want to assure you that far from being scary and negative your current situation is natural and filled with exciting and limitless potential.

Your business is maturing. You’re not a start-up newbie any more, you’re a viable business and all these things you’re feeling right now are signs telling you it’s time to step into that next phase of growth.

You are supposed to be right here, right now.

These feelings are your inner entrepreneur signally that it’s time to step up, declare you’re done with plateauing and stagnating and take the leap to scale and grow.

How do you decide what type of coaching is right for you?

There are 3 main types of coaching, one to one, masterminds and group.

One to one – this is normally the premium type of coaching, super high touch, super hands on and entirely bespoke and focused on you. It really suits entrepreneurs who want a coach entirely to themselves, are after fast results, enjoy working through a highly structured program, are ready to commit considerable time, love to really deep dive into strategies and who thrive with on demand support.  One to one is normally the highest level of investment.

Group – this is normally the most accessibly priced form of coaching. Group programs are for a defined length of time or Memberships where you sign up for a minimum commitment, but can stay for as long as you like. Group coaching really suits entrepreneurs who enjoy being part of a community and are happy to join in and share experiences. Coaches usually share the same strategies in their group programs as they do in their one to one, the difference being, the group format means topics are not covered in as much depth and are not bespoked to your specific business and style.

Masterminds – this is a hybrid between one to one and group coaching; a best of both worlds option that I completely adore.

How to find a business coach?

I think this is the most difficult aspect and the one I have struggled with most in the past.

First up you need to identify what you want coaching on. Is it mindset, confidence, raising brand visibility, creating marketing content that converts, pitching to retailers, money management?

What is the gap in your business you want to plug?

Once you’re clear on this, here are a few ideas on how to find coaches to help you.

  • Search the kind of coach you want on Google
  • Search the kind of coach you want on Instagram
  • Ask your network who they’ve worked with
  • Ask for recommendations in Facebook Groups/ forums you are a member of

I found my last coach by listening to my favourite podcast. She was a guest and by the time I listened to her speaking for an hour I was sold.

It’s quite amazing how once you’ve decided to invest and you know what knowledge you need often times the right person just happens to come your way. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Finding a mentor can be time consuming, challenging and confusing dive in for my fool proof, efficient guide on how to find a business coach.

How can you be sure you’ve found the right coach?

You are looking for someone who understands your current situation and frustrations because they have been there. They have experienced exactly what you are now and have worked their way through it and have the solution for you.

Coaches collapse time, they get you from A to B with ease and speed. They have done the hard work ahead of you so you don’t have to. By investing in their knowledge and experience you fast track and short cut your growth.

This is little bit more personal, but for me the right coach is all about energy. I want to them to be the kind of person I am going to enjoy spending time with. When I look in my diary and see it’s my next session I want to feel excited, eager, fired up. I want to look forward to our sessions and trainings.

Every coach should have plenty of touchpoints where you can find out about them, their programs, their experience, their background and their style.

  • Check out their websites, particularly their About Page
  • Read their blogs and listen to any podcasts they have guested on
  • If they have their own podcast or a YouTube channel do a bit of binge consuming
  • Check out their Instagram Highlights
  • Look out for their testimonials and reviews
  • Tune into their Instagram Stories as these usually include the behind the scenes details that help you dial into the energy
  • Sign up for the freebie on their website. This is often a video which helps you get up close and personal and is followed by emails that are designed to specifically tell you everything you need to know
  • Book a discovery call

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How do you get the best ROI from coaching?

It’s important to recognise coaching is an INVESTMENT not an EXPENSE.

Investing is exciting, full of future, limitless potential.

An expense is dull, unwanted, a financial drain, another form to fill out.

If you don’t see coaching as an investment then you are not ready to do it.

It’s important you recognise coaching is not a magic wand. You don’t pay your money and instantly get the results.

Coaching is a partnership between you and your mentor. They teach and coach but you have to take the action. You can work with the best coach out there but unless you do the work you won’t get the results.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy fix then coaching is not for you.

From personal experience and from the experience of my clients the best ROI comes when you have skin in the game.

You’ve done free course, free challenges, attended countless webinars and you know you didn’t take action and implement what you learned. Your new knowledge was free, it didn’t cost you anything, so you felt no obligation to use it.

The moment you commit to scale and grow and make the investment you are far more likely to dive in and do it.

What’s more coaching comes hand in hand with accountability. All that free training you’ve done, you were left to implement on your own that’s why it’s free. When you invest in a mentor they are there checking in on you, they are coaching you through the challenges of implementation and guiding you to the result.

You will get the best ROI from your coaching when you commit, invest and take action!

As a coach I am all about the implementation and the results. It’s no good you reading this but then not implementing it in your business. So, what questions do you have? How can I help you take action following this? There’s plenty of space for us to chat in the comments below.

So now you know how to find a business coach, stay tuned for my next blog where I’ll be diving into more high visibility strategies that enable you to reach a bigger audience and sell more products.

Loads of indie hugs and love, Rachel