I am going to be give you ONE key thing that you can do every month that’s going to show you how to create content that your followers will absolutely love on social media. It’s exceptionally easy and quick but will drive your reach and engagement. And we all know that the more engagement you get, the better you are favoured by the algorithms on social media platforms so it’s a win, win, win!

Today is so simple and so bloomin’ easy you’re going to be like, “Oh, is that all I’ve got to do?!” As solopreneurs our time is exceptionally precious so when we sit down to work we need to nail it. We need to deliver some results whether we’ve got an hour in between dropping the children off at school. Whether we’re squeezing in an hour before our husband gets back. Or whether we just have a couple of hours in the evening because we’ve got a day job too. Whatever it is, our time is normally very precious so when we sit down we have to make every single second count.

That’s what my tips today are going to help you to do when you sit down to create your social media marketing content from this moment forward. You are going to be far more focussed, far more productive and you are going to drive results!

What I’m going to ask you to do is go get a bit geeky and look at your social media stats.  I don’t want you to switch off yet. I know it’s tempting but this is super, super easy! Watch the video to find out 2 activities that you can do every month after looking at your social media analytics to create content your audience will love.


What I’m going to try and instil in you today will take you no more than half an hour and the results that you’re going to get will be phenomenal! Nowadays we are so lucky because social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram pull all our stats together for us. We don’t need to do anything apart from click one button and then just have it look through it. And it’s exactly the same with our website stats and analytics. So there is no excuse why you shouldn’t be making it a habit to look through your social media analytics every month.

Activity 1: What content is performing best?

Today I’m going to use Facebook as the example. Firstly, at the top whether you’re in a group or a page you use to promote your business, click on insights at the top of the page. I’m going to focus in on one specific bit in this post but familiarise yourselves with all of the available data because you can see things like: what days and times are most popular for your followers, what demographic you’re hitting, etc.

I really want to look at the data to see which of your posts are performing best which you can find by clicking on “Posts” from the menu on the right. You can look through that list and really analyse what it is that’s doing well for you. For example, are the Facebook live videos getting you the most reach or is it all those big bold coloured backgrounds static posts with questions for your audience that are getting the most engagement. It’s also really easy to see which posts aren’t working for you at all in that list.

I suggest that you spend just five or ten minutes on your Facebook Insights just looking at that and make a note of what’s working and what’s not working. Then going into next month, create more of what is working and stop doing the stuff that isn’t. Within that short space of time you are fine-tuning your approach to your content marketing for the following month. This is a habit I want you to get into at the end of every month because it’s so quick and it’s so simple that there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be it.

Activity 2: Look at your website analytics

Look at the analytics on your website and I want you to spend another five or ten minutes to look at what’s working on your website. A great example for this one is if you are someone who publishes blogs regularly on your website. You can see which blog pages your followers have spent the most time on and take that blog and repurpose it. This means that you could republish it again into your Facebook group or cut it up into smaller pieces and turn it into posts on Instagram. The key thing to note is that you are reacting to what your followers and the readership of your blog is telling you they’re enjoying. If they’ve enjoyed the blog, then they’re likely to enjoy it if you repurpose it and put it out on different social media platforms.

Don’t be afraid to repurpose the content that you’ve created and people loved! This is a real win-win situation because not only are you giving people the content that they enjoying but you’re also creating content without having to write any more content. So this is another awesome way as solo entrepreneurs to maximise our time.

I’m so aware how social media marketing is quite a difficult thing to do for people as it seems like a massive beast that just keeps needing to be fed. And it does but there are ways to make it so much easier!

So make it a habit to review your stats and analytics at the end of every month as it helps you get better and better with your content marketing.

Do you have any questions you would like me to answer about using your analytics to create a solid content marketing strategy? Post them below in the comments and I will get straight back to you.

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