Oh my goodness, there are so many elements to building and scaling your dream business and one of the most daunting has to be putting yourself out there and being visible and that’s why I am diving into how to build confidence as a female founder in this inspiring and motivating blog.

My name is Rachel I’m a Visibility coach working with fierce creative female founders, who want to scale their business to the next level and achieve consistent monthly revenue.

I have spent over 20 years working in high powered sales roles for a combination of corporate and independent businesses. I was taught the power of my personal brand at the start of my career and it has been the foundation of all my success since.

Over the last 6 years I have coached hundreds of founders just like you to find your voice, find your style and find your confidence. So, if you are searching for how to build confidence as a female founder you are in the right place.

A huge welcome! I love meeting new founders and hearing your story so do say hello in the comments below.

How to build confidence as a female founder may feel daunting and uncomfortable but it's not as difficult or challenging as you think

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 Why you lack the confidence to get visible

You know that up levelling your visibility will help you scale your business. You’ve heard so many people tell you this a million times and you can see it working for other businesses around you. Yet you still aren’t doing it.⁣


Fear you don’t look good enough?⁣

Anxious you will put people off?⁣

Embarrassed to say the wrong thing?⁣

Scared you won’t know what to say?⁣

So much of my work with clients is about coaching you through these closed and negative mindset issues; and providing you with the tools and confidence to unlock the unique and non duplicatable power of YOU!

How to build confidence as a female founder

You don’t need to look like a celebrity, your customers don’t. They want to see and connect with people who look like and understand them.⁣

Your job isn’t to please everyone; it’s to please your customer. It doesn’t matter if you put some people off, they would never buy from you anyway.⁣

You know exactly what your customers care about so you can never run out of things to talk to them about.⁣

If the knowing what to say thing is what’s really holding you back then I’d recommend you download my FREE Visibility Masterclass. In less than 15 minutes I teach you exactly how important being visible is for your business growth and give you an easy fast start technique to identify what topics will resonate with and magnetise your ideal customer.


Here’s a graphic I want you to screen grab and stick somewhere so prominent in your office that you see it all the time. I want you to read it multiple times a day and allow it to seep deep into your heart and mind enthusing you with a serious fierce female founder confidence.

How to build confidence as a female founder may feel daunting and uncomfortable but it's not as difficult or challenging as you think

You are the USP of your business. You are the heart and soul of your business. You make your business different, noticeable and memorable. You are your biggest asset.⁣

I understand so well how painful and challenging this work can be. I also I know you can do it and I know exactly what amazing results visibility will generate for you.

As a coach I am all about the implementation and the results. It’s no good you reading this but then not implementing it in your business. So, what questions do you have? How can I help you take action following this read? There’s plenty of space for us to chat in the comments below or feel free to email me [email protected]

So now you know how to build confidence as a female founder, stay tuned for my next blog where I’ll be diving into more high visibility strategies that enable you to reach a bigger audience and sell more products.

Loads of indie hugs and love, Rachel xxx

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