The holiday season can typically spell bad news for the indie beauty brand. Sales drop through the floor as people save their money for holidays and kids treats. Social media engagement takes a nose dive as your followers flock off to foreign climbs. Many brands just accept this as the norm and take the opportunity to take their foot off the gas. But while those brands take some time out and snooze you could be capitalising on the space by getting creative and using the time to stand out and get noticed. So let’s look at ideas to drive social media engagement during summer.

Holiday periods are a great opportunity and they get me excited. While the other brands are keeping quiet you can start shouting. I hosted a Facebook Live on this subject last week. We chatted about 3 really cool ideas you can use to keep your engagement high and drive sales.

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1. Keep it relevant

Your job as a founder is to always keep your brand relevant by talking about things that are relevant to your audience. When you keep your brand relevant, you keep yourself very much in the minds of your customers. An example of this is addressing the problems and challenges that your customers are facing at any given time.

So let’s just think about the summer holiday season. What are the challenges facing your ideal customers at this moment? I can guarantee it will have something to do with travelling. I bet they’re looking for toiletries that are in the right size and convenient to go into handbags and carry on suitcases. Or maybe it’s that they are just looking for nice skincare products that will work well in the sun.

These are the things that are foremost in your customers’ minds at the moment as they’re thinking about planning for their holidays. So take the trick of relevance and start talking about these things in your
social media and your content marketing. Talk about how your products and your brand can solve these problems as your customers are getting ready for their holidays.

A great example of this is Fresh Therapies, founded by Nicola Dickinson, which is an amazingly wonderful natural nail care product business. She’s been talking in her social media posts about amazing coloured
nails for the holidays and getting the holiday feel about your nails. Let’s face it, which woman out there isn’t thinking about getting her toenails painted for her holiday!

2. Be creative

The second area that you can work on right now as far as preparing for the summer holiday season is to think a little bit outside the box and do something different and creative.
For example, you could run a competition where you challenge your customers to photograph your products whilst they’re on holiday giving a prize to the best photograph. Make sure you give that contest a memorable hashtag and encourage people to use that hashtag when posting their entry onto social media. You can then search that hashtag to see all the entries and comment on each post to drive more engagement to your social media profile. Start private conversations, even, by sending DM’s because nothing builds the sales relationship more than that kind personal conversation.

This also creates UGC or user generated content. All of us have the challenge of trying to find original photos for our social media feeds and it’s a nightmare! Every time they post a photo using your hashtag you can
repost that to your feed. This is incredible because it’s putting really lovely photos out there that show customers buying and using your products. There is no greater sales trigger to get people to buy than for them to actually see real people loving your products.

Here’s a few other ideas to drive social media engagement during summer:

max your engagement over the summer


What is your favourite idea from this blog? Do you have any questions you would like me to answer about driving sales and engagement over the summer holidays? Post them below in the comments and I will get straight back to you.

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ideas to drive social media engagement and sales during summer