15 years working behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in the business has shown me that thriving brands always have a strong partnership with an expert, highly skilled and professional warehouse.

A stand out logistics partner is the hidden secret to success.

It’s the golden ticket.

A warehouse working at the top of their profession provides you with on demand expert advice, and resources.

The best of the best present you with cost saving strategies and opportunities you aren’t even aware of.

The most effective relationships between brand and warehouse are equal partnerships based on honesty, sharing and openness.

One where both parties are committed and focused on growth.

A relationship that is exciting and dynamic.

My most memorable moments as a logistics pro have come from work I have done with brands who I respect and who respect me.

Brands who share their plans and aspirations.

Brands who value my input and listen to advice.

Brands who have taught me new skills and challenged me to be better and learn more.

Brands who are positive, forward looking and have made me smile.

I love beauty and logistics because of them and the experiences we shared.

So, just one question for you today.

Does your warehouse make you smile?

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Behind every great beauty brand is an amazing warehouse