Indie Beauty Delivers exists to empower creative founders to build impactful businesses that align with their values and expertise, by unleashing the power of their personal brand and getting visible in their community. ​

From experience we understand the limitless power and potential created when you step into yourself and become a visible founder. We’ve done it ourselves and we have had the pleasure of being part of the success story of hundreds of our clients.​

Because we’ve been there we understand just how difficult it can be to step into yourself in a way that brings you joy and feels comfortable and authentic. ​​

We have been through and conquered the “I’m not an Insta ready person” worries. The “I’m a kind of behind the scenes founder” roadblock. The “I hate being the centre of attention” panic attacks. ​

We know first-hand just how uncomfortable and stressful becoming visible is. We know the struggle is real and we see you.​​

We have a 360 approach to visibility, in fact we have created the 360 Visibility Protocol, that allows you to design a personalised visibility strategy that aligns with your strengths, showcases your expertise and delivers real value to your own community day after day in way that feels good for you. ​​

The Protocol is a framework that enables you to build out systems that support the key areas of your customer life cycle; attracting new customers, selling to them, converting them and retaining them.​​

It’s a protocol that elevates your business and provides a platform to scale and achieve your dreams.

Here’s the kind of results our community members are getting:

She used her visibility confidence to get in front of retailers to deliver her impressive pitch face to face. This fierce strategy landed her 2 major retailers in one week.

Part of Helen and Rebecca’s visibility strategy was to do corporate workshops. Using the skills they learnt they secured repeat business with Transport for London and Oxfam.

Cindy found that when she started to step into herself her sales soared, particularly at events. Not only that, as she got out more she was able to curate incredible images for her content and gather customer feedback that has resulted in a profitable rebrand.

Steph, Jayne, Helen and Luchia got seriously fierce and accepted invitations to be on a panel of brand founders. Their industry reputations soared and they have all gone on to receive further invitations to speak at events.

Getting visible drives results fast, even in the early weeks of our program founders report increased engagement on their social platforms, they begin to see fruitful relationships developing and the sales needle starts moving up.

One of our key values is community; we recognise and cherish the difference it makes to our development and success as entrepreneurs. There is strength in numbers and confidence in support. ​

No creative founder should ever feel they are walking their path on their own. Everything we do at IBD is grounded in our wonderful community of exceptional, talented, high achieving entrepreneurs. ​

Our community is overflowing with founders who are committed to scaling their business fast and making a real difference to the world by sharing and supporting each other. ​

We provide a safe space for you to learn, test and hone your new skills, with feedback and coaching from supportive fellow founders and hands on expert coaches.

My name is Rachel and I’m the founder of Indie Beauty Delivers and creator of the 360 Visibility Protocol. ​

I have spent over 20 years working in high powered sales roles for a combination of corporate and independent businesses and over 16 of those years in the beauty industry. ​

I was taught the power of my personal brand at the start of my career and it has been the foundation of all my success since. I really stepped into my personal brand hot spot 6 years ago when I fulfilled my dream and became an entrepreneur. ​

I’ve used my personal brand to win 6 figure sales contracts, secure invitations to speak at events across the globe, write for industry publications, a regular column in a glossy magazine and book TV and radio appearances.​

My personal brand has allowed me to become the ‘go to’ expert and the effect on my business has been transformative. I have doubled my sales consistently every year and created a profitable business that supports me and brings me so much joy. ​

Hustling for sales and worrying about launches has been replaced by an energy that flows in and out of my business bringing a constant supply of new leads, a high and fast conversion rate and most enjoyably I get to share my passion and expertise and make a difference in the word empowering other entrepreneurs to experience the same kind of transformation. Visibility really rocks!​

Over the last 6 years I have coached hundreds of founders just like you to find their voice, find their style and find their confidence.

You are in the right place, if:

  • You are ready to take intentional action that enables your brand to stand out from the competition
  • You are eager to increase sales and encourage financial abundance
  • You want to strategically develop a set of systems that provide you with the platform to make a difference in the world
  • You are ready to overcome your visibility apprehension and step into your full, fierce, powerful and limitless potential
  • You thrive in communities of high achieving, creative entrepreneurs

One to One Coaching​

If you are frustrated by stagnant sales and know that now is the time to take action and transform your sales process my one to one coaching programme is there for you.​

This high touch, 12 week programme, for founders in the growth stage of their business, stands out as best in class because it’s focus is on delivering results. Alongside our teaching sessions, I am there working with you every day with hands on, real time coaching to help you implement and thrive.​

At programme completion you will have a personalised visibility strategy that enables you to consistently attract, convert and retain customers, igniting and scaling your revenue and profits.

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