Have you heard whispers of the newest trend on the block?

I’m talking OMNICHANNEL!

If you’re like me you may well struggle to keep up with all the industry lingo –

I mean, come on, we have millenials, generation Y, customisation, personalisation and now they are throwing OMNICHANNEL in there as well!

Well heres the thing. I think OMNICHANNEL is the most significant trend to hit the industry in years.

OMNICHANNEL is one trend you really need to sit up and take notice of.

Understanding and loving OMNICHANNEL is the secret ingredient, the golden ticket to your success.

I love love love OMNICHANNEL and spent all last year giving my brand an OMNICHANNEL makeover.

And let me tell you it works!

My sales have rocketed. I went into Christmas with as much money in my 2017 pipeline as I made in the whole of 2016!

Infact to celebrate I have just booked a dream holiday to Cuba!


Well, in its simplest form it means presenting your brand across a multitude of channels.

– bricks- and- mortar
– online shop
– social media
– press
– bloggers
– radio and TV

OMNI = Of all things

CHANNEL = a method or system for communication or distribution

The challenge is ensuring consistency across all channels.

Our customers should be able to jump onto any channel, Twitter, our website, Facebook or walk into our store or visit our market stall, and instantly recognise our brand.

Our channels should be seamless and boundaryless.

We need to be asking the question


You know what really excites me about this though?

You don’t needs loads of money and big corporate budgets to do this.

You need imagination and creativity.

YAY! We’re in luck then because entrepreneurs like us have these in spades.

The key to a great OMNI presence is to put your customer at the heart of all your planning and everything you do.

Smart OMNI brands develop relationships with their customers and use all their channels to engage , add value and reward loyalty.

Take some time this week to check out my favorite INDIE OMNI HEROS

Clean Beauty Co (sorry girls I don’t want to embarrass you but you guys are nailing it) – these focused entrepreneurs have their own book, they run their own workshops, they retail their products on-line, they have seriously consistent social media and they have created their own movement Clean Cult. 

Myroo Skincare (don’t blush too much Rachael you’ve earned every penny of this praise!) – an amazing website, a true member of the Twitterati, topical blogs and a growing presence in retail stores across the country. OMNIMEGA!

All this week I am going to be doing Facebook Live broadcasts on how to OM yourselves up. So keep an eye on my Facebook Page. If you don’t watch them live they will be available to watch as a replay.

I am also going to be blogging all month about the key aspects of OMing (oh yes, I seriously just made that expression up!) Culminating at the end of the month with my trip to the Delivery Conference where I will be getting up to date with all the top delivery trends that will round off your OM approach.

It’s going to be a FABDABULOUS month!

Rachel ‘#OMYOURSELFUP’ Whittaker

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