If you are as old as me you will remember a time before social media (dare I even say before email!) when if you wanted to grow a business you picked up the phone and knocked on doors. It was tough a real school of hard knocks. Now we are so lucky to have a choice of social media platforms that allow us to talk to people all over the world and spread our brand gospel. I do sometimes worry though that we hide behind our social profiles a little and we are perhaps loosing that confidence to visibly and fiercely sell and market our socks off.

I cut my teeth in the relentless world of recruitment and I always remember my boss telling me, “get in front of people, people will always buy from you when you’re in front of them”. Sandra was a wise women and this is a piece of advice I have treasured, actioned and reaped the reward of for the last 20 odd years. People will always buy from people and that’s why you need to get in front of your tribe. You need to do the modern equivalent of picking up the phone and knocking on doors. You need to use VIDEO in your marketing!

Watch my video interview with Justina Rosu, video strategist, trainer and consultant, abut why and how to use video in your marketing or keep reading, below, for my top 9 tips.


This is the age of the founder led brand. Consumers are looking to buy from brands that they connect with, that they love, that they respect, that they trust. They want to know the face and story behind the brand. So not only is video a great way to get in front of people, people also LOVE it! Double whammy win!

Despite video being such a powerful marketing tool many brand founders still don’t use it; are you one of them?

Now look, I get it, video is icky; its nerve racking, you feel foolish, you hate the sound of your voice, and you are not even sure what to talk about. But there is such a range of video options available now, Facebook Live, Messenger Stories, Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, IGTV, You Tube………. you can find a style of video you like, enjoy and are good at.

If you want to build video into your marketing but aren’t sure where to start just take baby steps. Commit to doing one Facebook Live a week, or keep an Insta Story running for a week, or record a IGTV video a week. The key thing is you start, you take that first step and then you keep walking a little further each week. Before you know it video will be a key pillar in your marketing strategy and you will be seeing the benefits of “getting in front of people.”

To help you get started here is 9 tips I use to create great marketing videos

  1. Remember not all video has to be polished and super professional. Instagram and Messenger Stories, Instagram and Facebook Live are meant to be LIVE, they are meant to capture and share moments and so by nature they don’t have to be polished, they should be raw and fresh. If you are new to video this makes these video options a great place to start out, find your confidence and hone your skills.


  1. Practise looking into the lens of your phone or laptop as you record. Our natural tendency is to look at our own face on screen. When you do this it’s quite disorientating to anyone watching as you are not looking at them. When you talk directly into the lens the person watching feels like you are looking right at them and talking to them personally.


  1. If you are creating live video while you are out and about remember to run your video idea through your brand filter. Your followers only want to see you doing things that are relevant to them. So if you are a vegan skincare brand you wouldn’t want to film yourself for your Instagram Story tucking into a nice rare steak for example. Although some of the video options available to us are informal they must always be on brand.


  1. When you are filming on the go take time to check your back drop and surroundings. Make sure no one is doing anything silly behind you, make sure it’s not too loud, make sure it’s well lit, and make sure there is nothing in shot that sets the brand filter alarm off.


  1. If you are filming longer form video, perhaps a video for You Tube or you’re website or an in-depth Facebook Live, make sure you use a tripod or pile of books to rest your phone on. Nothing is more annoying than watching a video where the picture is moving up and down all the time. You also want your hands to be free so when you are talking you can be natural and relaxed, hand gestures and all.


  1. If you are planning on filming lots of videos like I do with my Indie Beauty TV series, then you may want to consider designing a ‘set’ in the corner of your office. I’ve done this recently. You can see from the picture below that I have created an on brand background which always looks professional and interesting.

video marketing tip: create a recording set

  1. Turn all your notifications off on your phone and laptop before you start recording. If you don’t there will always be a ping or a phone call right in the middle of that perfect take!


  1. Remove all pets from the room and let your family/ colleagues know you are filming. I once filmed a webinar for Formula Botanica while my cat Suki was in the room. About half way through she jumped up and knocked a full glass of water all over my laptop! I’ve also heard a couple of horror stories about naked other halves walking in on live broadcasts! Can you imagine? That would definitely set the brand filter alarm off!


  1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You are your USP. You are the reason many of your followers will convert into customers. When you try to change the way you look, or speak on a video you lose your authenticity and that special mojo that makes you stand out.


So fierce founders, pick up your phone, press record, unleash your greatest asset and GET VISIBLE!

If you want more information about using video to market your brand then click HERE to watch my Indie Beauty TV episode with Justina, a video marketing expert with a BBC pedigree.

What is your favourite tip from this blog? Do you have any questions you would like me to answer about using video in your marketing? Post them below in the comments and I will get straight back to you.

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