Hi there,

My name is Rachel and I am a beauty logistics expert, (yes, they do exist although we are a pretty rare breed!)

I have worked in beauty for over 15 years and have managed the international online and retail logistics for some massive brands like St Tropez, PZ Cussons Beauty and The Sanctuary. 

But what really matters to me, what really gets my heart pumping is INDIE BEAUTY!

I am totally passionate about the success of indie beauty brands and devote all my time to making sure you have access to the best logistics advice available.

I am the Founder of Indie Beauty Delivers and my catchphrase is

Providing big brand logistics to brands with big dreams! 

My mission is to make sure your behind the scenes logistics are so good you can compete on a completely level playing field with the big established brands.

Now, you don’t want to hear my waffling on. You clicked on this link because you want to transform your online business in 7 easy steps.

So, welcome to my FREE 7 Day Challenge. 

To get involved you just need to click HERE and fill out the form. Simple!

Over the next 7 days we will be working to get you and your e-commerce business ‘logistics savvy’.

All things that will make a massive difference to your business and your bank balance.

You are going to learn loads of super cool stuff (don’t laugh I promise you logistics is much cooler than you expect) but mainly we are covering;

Why logistics matters and how it can add real WOW Factor to your business.

You are going to receive guides, cheat sheets, jargon busters, info-graphics, road maps and videos.

We will be working through;

  • hacks that add WOW factor to your online strategy
  • the perfect returns policy
  • how to price your delivery charges to protect profit
  • how to know what logistics you need and when as your brand grows
  • and we will be busting through all the dull logistics jargon 

Here’s an idea of exactly how much you will get!

All we work through and all the resources you get can be used immediately in your business. They will add some series value and help you organise, plan and implement a killer logistics strategy.

In a nutshell you are getting a complete logistics tool kit!

Now don’t think because this information is free that it’s not valuable. The challenge is packed with extremely useful information and advice. It’s the same stuff I teach the guys who come to my workshops.

Logistics is key to your brands success so don’t delay. Click HERE and get involved in my 7 Day Challenge right away.

Rachel ‘your own personal logistics geek’ Whittaker

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