Traditionally beauty brands don’t consider returns.

Our products can’t be resold when opened!

Who would want to return beauty products anyway?

These are the sorts of statements most brand owners come out with when I talk returns with them.

And this is my reply,

Recent surveys and studies have highlighted that 85% of consumers want and expect online brands to offer a returns policy.

The majority of online consumers read the returns policy before making a purchase.

Consumers expect online brands to offer a returns service that matches that which can be found in bricks-and -mortar stores. 

And these facts, figures and opinions apply to the beauty industry just as much as any other.

Your customers can change their mind. Your customers can decide they don’t like their purchase. Your customers can have an allergic reaction to a product.

Beauty brands that want to put their customers at the heart of all they do need to design a returns policy that caters for all these eventualities.

Returns policies are a critical part of your customer journey not an afterthought!

Do you have one?

Just in case you need a little more persuading here are my top 5 reasons you need to get that returns policy published ASAP.

1.SELLING POINT – having an easy, seamless customer focused returns policy is a real selling point. It makes you stand out as a brand that puts their customers at the heart of all they do.

2. INSTILLS CONFIDENCE – for a customer trying a new brand or product knowing they can return it if it’s not for them instills them with confidence to make the purchase. This is especially powerful in the beauty industry where customers can’t try and test products prior to purchase.

3. SHOWS YOUR COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE – the beauty industry is competitive. Consumers are very choosy about who they buy from. They are looking for brands that value their customers and put them at the center of all they do. A bold, clear, confident returns policy certainly shows that you have your customers best interests at heart and truly value their custom.

4. POINT OF DIFFERENCE – as mentioned at the start of the blog beauty brands are pretty bad at ignoring the returns issue and thinking it doesn’t really apply to them. If you splash your returns policy loud and proud then it gives you a real point of difference that could seriously influence consumers to buy from you as opposed to your competitors.

5. TRANSFORM THE NEGATIVE – whatever the reason a customer is unhappy with their purchase the last thing we want is to leave them with a negative impression of our business and brand. A great returns policy enables you to change the negative into a positive. Whether you replace, exchange or refund, how you deal with the experience will allow you to engage with your customer and probably keep them coming back for more.

5 Reasons An Online Beauty Brand Needs A Returns Policy

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Rachel ‘always putting my customers at the heart of all I do‘ Whittaker

5 Reasons An Online Beauty Brands Needs A Returns Policy