In this blog I am going to show you 10 ways entering awards can help you seriously up your marketing game.

There are so many different types of awards out there. You can choose from beauty industry awards that focus on individual products, beauty industry awards that focus on your brand or leadership skills and don’t forget local and national entrepreneur awards. If you want details of the major beauty ones then click HERE and download my free guide.

It’s worth saying before we dive into the detail that most awards do require some level of financial investment. You frequently have to pay to enter and those that focus on products often require a number of samples for judging and goodie bags. So choose which awards and which products you want to enter with care.

OK, lets get started, here’s the 10 ways entering awards can help you seriously up your marketing game.

Entering awards whether you win or not provides you with an incredible amount of fresh, interesting and gripping marketing content.

Awards publicity and marketing done well can deliver kudos, greater brand awareness, a horde of new followers and increased sales!

Check out this list of ten ways you can pull awards into your marketing strategy and totally max out the potential publicity.

  1. Use your blog or Vlog to tell the story of your awards journey in a digital diary. You can talk about why you chose to enter the award, which products you are entering and why, how the awards work, what the key dates are, what the judging process is and how you are feeling throughout the process. You can film emails and letters being opened and if you end up at a ceremony you can talk about your outfit and how it went on the day.


  1. Do videos and write posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the same content you are putting into the longer blog or vlog accounts.


  1. Create tension and excitement by counting down to winners announcements across all your marketing channels. You’ll be surprised how many of your followers get caught up in the excitement and tune in regularly to stay up to date with the story.


  1. Send press releases to your local paper, radio, and TV station. They will be interested to hear a local success story and will bite your hand off for interviews and details.


  1. Use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to share any press coverage you get so you max the marketing potential across all your platforms.


  1. Take your followers to awards ceremonies and let them feel the energy and excitement of the event using Facebook Live or Instagram Stories and Live.


  1. Let your retail partners know about your entry and keep them up to date with your progress. Your success could be a deal clincher!


  1. Let your favourite bloggers know what you’re up to. It could be the little push they need to try, test and feature your products.


  1. Use the awards hashtags on all your posts so that you can reach a whole new audience and increase your followers.


  1. If you win, then on top of everything you’ve already done you can use the winner’s logo on your website, on your packaging and post regularly about it on your marketing platforms.


The important thing to remember is that entering awards is not just about winning. As my Mum taught me when I was a kid, it’s all about the taking part! In fact, the taking part, the journey, the excitement, the suspense is where the majority of the marketing potential lies. So, whether you win or not with clever marketing you can still get an ROI on your investment, you can still gain kudos, get your brand in front of more people, gain a load of new followers and increase your sales!

Watch an interview with Kirsty Mawhinney about The Free From Skincare Awards which celebrates the best of ‘free from’ cosmetics and skincare products and is now in its 8th year. The winners for 2019 have already been shortlisted but you can enter for 2020 from February.

Are you planning to enter any awards this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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If you want to get your beauty business noticed than whether you win or not entering awards can help you stand out from the crowd. Entering awards provides you with an incredible amount of fresh, interesting and gripping marketing content. In this blog I share my top 10 ways entering awards can help you seriously up your marketing game. Click through and have a read, let me know in the comments what your favourite tip is and if you are planning to enter any awards this year and of course, don’t forget to pin it! #IndieBeautyDelivers #indiebeauty #howtolaunchabeautybusiness #howtogrowabeautybusiness #beautyindustryawards #beautyentrepreneurs #beautypreneurs