Welcome to Quarter 2!

I am super excited about everything that I have got coming your way over the next few months. So excited I can’t keep it to myself, so here’s a sneaky peek!

For April, May and June we are focusing on developing your E-COMMERCE business.

Let’s face it the best ROI we can achieve is through our web-shop and so it makes sense to drive this part of our business as hard as possible.

Do you want to know the other benefit of a knockout internet business?

It impresses RETAILERS! So, if you are concentrating on developing the retailer side of your brand the next few months are still going to be packed full of content that will help you woo those buyers.

So, what can you look forward too…….

There’s my GIVEAWAY. Last quarter it was my 2017 Beauty Planner and this quarter it’s going to be 5 Things Your Website Needs To Stand Out And Drive Sales! Keep your eyes on your inbox as that should be on it’s way to you this time next week.

Make sure you join my FACEBOOK LIVES every Monday and Thursday at 1230pm where we are looking at loads of cool topics like, how to create a community, how to use your Facebook Page to drive sales, the difference between blogging and newsletters, removing friction from your e-commerce journey, creating a customer comfort blanket and one click upsells. Today we are kicking off with ways to make your e-commerce journey feel less anti- social and solitary for your customers.

Following on from the success of the Instagram Workshop I am going to do a FACEBOOK LIVE WORKSHOP every month. April 26th at 8pm is all about UNLEASHING THE POWER OF YOUR BLOG, May 24th, 8pm is focusing on CLICK AND COLLECT and how it can transform your customer offering and June 28th, 8pm  we are tackling THE PERFECT WEBSITE OPT-IN.  Get these dates in your diary now!

I am over the moon to announce I will be putting on a ONE DAY EVENT to which I want as many of you to come as poss. It’s going to be easy to get to and mega affordable. I will be confirming the date ASAP. The theme is 5 things you should be doing on your webshop that will help you stand out in a busy market. (These are 5 things that no one else is really doing and so will help you shine!!!) There will be guest speakers and huge potential to network, make friends and get some cool collaborations going. WATCH THIS SPACE!

On June 16th I will be at Enterprise Nations Beauty Exchange. I am actually on the panel (YIKES!) but will also be reporting LIVE on Facebook and Instagram from the event with all the best bits and great takeaways. I know many of you have already got your ticket for this event and I can’t wait to catch up with you there. If you haven’t got a ticket yet. Click the LINK and grab one quick. It’s going to be a knockout day!

There will be my MONDAY BLOGS which will be packed full of bite sized content  you can use in your business immediately.

and STORY OF THE DAY on my Facebook Page will keep you up to date with all the latest news and trends from the industry without you having to trawl the papers and websites yourself.


It is going to be busy, busy, busy!

To make sure you don’t miss anything please do 2 things.


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Finally, drop me an email back and let me know what you are looking forward to most and if there is anything you would like me to look at specifically.

Rachel ‘let’s launch those internet sales’ Whittaker



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