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A little about me…

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I’m a logistics geek who loves working with creative beauty brands. When not geeking out I love gardening, running, reading, John and my animals.

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years. Before running my own consultancy I was a senior manager for one of the country’s leading beauty warehouses.

I managed the logistics for a wide range of beauty brands from internationals to start-ups.

I’ve been the logistics professional behind the scenes of brands such as PZ Cussons Beauty, St Tropez and The Sanctuary.

I’ve managed gift packing for market leaders like Boots The Chemist, Coty Prestige, The Bodyshop and Beiersdorf.

My mentor was one of the very first ladies to reach a senior logistics position within Boots so I have been massively lucky to learn from the best in the business.

My real passion is indie beauty and that’s the driving force behind the work I do now. Every brand regardless of size should have access to the best logistics advice possible; the sort of advice that allows you to compete on a level playing field with the larger brands and their big budgets.



Lives in: Nottingham

What I stand for:  Indie beauty, creativity, being different, sharing and entrepreneurship

What I stand against:  Negativity, selfishness, looking after number one, pressure to conform and wooden spoons!

Best bit of advice ever received: Never buy a house with a flat roof. It’s bound to leak at some point!

Family: Monty and Megan (Dogs), Elvis and Suki (Cats), John (Boyfriend). Don’t read anything into the order I listed those in!

Favourite Singer: Bruce (The Boss) Springsteen

Favourite Radio Station: Absolute

Favourite meal: Lobster Risotto made by my gorgeous culinary talented boyfriend

Guilty pleasures: Perfume and Turkish Delight

Favourite flower: so difficult! If I had to choose one it would have to be the rose.

Most read book: Wuthering Heights. My copy is so well read it’s falling apart.

Best holiday: A tour of Malaysia including a night in a cave in the middle of the rain forest.

I understand that sometimes it’s great to talk ideas through. If you would like A FREE one to one 30 minute consultation then click the link. I will be in contact soon. Look forward to meeting you.


Mobile: 07941 388769

Mon- Fri 0900-1800